Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 1

It’s been some time since I’ve logged in an entry. Let’s get to it!

So was that a great premiere of Game of Thrones #GOT or what!? That marching in opening scene revealing Jon and Daenerys with Arya watching was everything! The northerners were over it and gagged at the dragons, as did Sansa.

Jon and Bran reunited, but Jon notices he is not the same. Bran is much more serious and not as warm and welcoming and one can imagine why. That boy has been through some shit!

THAT LOOK that Sansa gave Daenerys was as fiery as her red hair! Daggers from head to toe, very much…“I don’t see you”… but you’re welcome here.

Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) is no joke, I love that girl, and she reads Jon in the meeting, “We made you king of the North and you left, what are you now?” Tyrion steps in to clear the air, but also fogs it with talks of the Lannister’s coming to help. They are not happy campers!

Sansa as the Lady of Winterfell meets again with Tyrion, who is now hand of the Queen. That was interesting as they haven’t reunited since the wedding and killing of Joffrey. She mentions how she thought he was cleverest man alive, but in other words, he’s an idiot to believe Cersei. Hello!!! Everyone knows not to trust that bitch!

Arya confronts Jon on how he survived a knife through the heart. They smile and hug and I literally shed a tear, it was just soooo nice for them to see each other again and you felt the love. They compare swords, and she reminds him that Sansa is smart, and is fighting for the family, of which he is a part… but not to forget that blood is thicker than water.

Cersei smiles and says “good” when she is told that the Night King has broken through the wall as the Greyjoy ships come in. She really is a cold-hearted see you next Tuesday! She plays that damn role down!!! Then, she’s gonna try to act all coy and supreme against Euron only to give it up to him with a glance. smh He said he’s going to put a prince in her belly and she cringed. Lol He just don’t know she already has one! The irony.

Cersei’s already up to no good, sending her hand Qyburn to try to buy Bronn to assist with killing the northerners with gold waiting for him outside. Will he buy in and betray Daenerys? I don’t think he will, but people are greedy so you never know.

Theon saved his sister Asha (redeeming himself a bit), and she head butts him before lifting him back up… again. He totally deserved that if not more, but they have true respect and recognition of each other and what they’ve gone through. He wants to go to Winterfell and its true what Asha says, Daenerys will need some place to go where the white walkers can’t! But if them mofos start swimming. lol

Tyrion, Varys and Jorah are already plotting the next move of the 7 Kingdoms coming together should they beat the Night King, already hinting at who will sit atop the iron throne. Tyrion mentions to them that Daenerys respects the older wise men, but Varys and his wise ass reminds him that that respect is how the young keep them at hand so that they don’t have to be reminded of the inconvenient truth… that nothing lasts.

Daenerys is already having issues with Sansa not respecting her and tells Jon if she doesn’t get with it… (cut scene). Mmmhmmm, hint hint Jon Snow! She will burn yo sistah!!!

The dragons don’t like the North and Jon awkwardly rides a dragon for the first time. Only Targareyen’s can ride dragons so that says something. I was also wondering what the hell is one to hold on to? It seems the dragons keep a close eye on Jon.

The Hound tells Arya she left him to die and she reminds him that she robbed him first. Lol I just love her! He calls her a cold, little bitch, and that’s why she’s still alive. She’s gone though many faces.

That was an interesting question Sansa posed to Jon… did he bend the knee to save the North or because he loves Daenerys? Again… cut scene for no response. Hmmm.

Daenerys wants to gift Sam but he’s so over her for killing his father (not so much), but his brother. You KNOW he wanted to spill the tea and tell Jon the truth about who his is, his real parents, that Daenerys should NOT be queen and that HE is the true heir to the iron throne. He gagged!!

The wildlings are back with Beric and his flaming sword and I think that ginger Tormund is kinda hot, is it just me? I don’t know, maybe it’s the beard and red head with blue eyes! Lol Ned Umber was nailed to the wall with a sign and symbol of the Night King up in flames, which was just an unsettling mess.

And that ending, when Jaime arrives, takes off his hood and the first person he sees is Bran! END SCENE!

YES!!! I love how they jumped right in, got to business, all the reunions that took place, the subtle shades and reads and ending. What a great start, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

-Carlos J. Mendez