ADELE, and how it feels to be 21.

Written April 2011 by CJ

So I finally sat and listened to the entire album and it took me on an emotional roller coaster, albeit, melancholy, it’s an awesome album. Her voice is timeless. First, I wrote my thoughts on each song as if I was her and how it made me feel. Then, after I reviewed all 13 tracks I found that on her website she explained each one and the story behind it. So, I went back and added her explanations to my thoughts & emotions of each track. Overall, BRAVO ADELE, I SIMPLY ADORE YOU!!!

ROLLING IN THE DEEP – This song makes me feel like I’m on the front porch of my old, indie, country home where I lived with my ex boyfriend. I have my banjo in hand, looking up at the sky and thinking about what could’ve been. Images of our relationship in the house are strolling through my mind, the good times and the bad times, like they do in videos. I wanna run and just fall to the ground on my knees and feel the dirt in my hands and roll in the deep emotion. *Adele explains that this song was written as a F U to those who told her she would be rubbish. It was her ‘feel good’ track on the album.

RUMOR HAS IT – I feel like I’m in the 60s, walking into a club where some diva is on stage in a short skirt, big shoes and a Snooki poof. She’s shimmying, dark mascara, pale white face doing the shuffle to a sassy track. She has a slow moment where she shows some vulnerability before going back to being mischievous & turning the tables. *Adele explains that she wrote this when she found her very own friends were gossiping about her.

TURNING TABLES – This track feels a bit more inspired and stronger. She’s ready to leave and even though there’s sadness, there is strength. She won’t let him close enough to hurt her again. *Adele explains how this song started at the 2009 Grammy’s.

DON’T YOU REMEMBER – I feel sad in this track, as if I’m in my living room looking at pictures with a drink in my hand, wondering when the next time would be that I see him. Gulp, pour another drink, it’s gonna be a rough night. She’s upset, how could he do this to her?  She just hopes he still thinks of her, and that’s good enough for now. *Adele explains that she felt ashamed with the way she was portraying someone who was so important to her and how this song make her feel like she discovered music again for the first time.

SET FIRE TO THE RAIN – I feel like I’m walking down a busy side street now with my drink in hand, pissed, I throw my drink to the floor, the glass breaks, I light a cigarette, throw the match on the floor and the alcohol catches fire as I sashay, smoking my cigarette with a diva strut while the fire burns behind me. You know, like they do in the videos. Lol I’m looking for a bar and it starts to rain just as I make my way in. *Adele explains this song is based on the contradictions of relationships, hence, the fire to the rain.

HE WON’T GO – I feel like I’m at the bar now and I’m feeling down. I want him so bad but I know he’s no good. I order a drink, take a sip, then push the glass away knowing it’s not best to keep drinking. I walk out the bar seeing other couples walking together, kissing and hanging out. I’m contemplating whether I can survive the single life, but knowing I have no choice. I’m willing to take the risk. *Adele explains this was about 2 friends and she found out one was a heroin addict, but he got better and how she’s proud of him.

TAKE IT ALL – Now I feel like I’m in church and the standing next to the piano, letting go of the pain and putting it in Gods hands. I feel a choir behind me. *Adele explains this song is about her devotion, giving a piece of herself. She said she was getting the words as she was singing it.

I’LL BE WAITING – This track has me feeling more upbeat and hopeful. Overall a feel good track, I’m in the 70s and I’m in my car smoking a doobie just cruising. Yes, I said doobie, lol I have a new boyfriend but it’s not working out and I start to think about my ex again. Its summer and I’m having these hot flashes thinking about the wonderful sex we had. *Adele explains this is like her walking down the street with her Ipod just having a good time.

ONE AND ONLY – Now I feel like it’s just me & a mic and I’ve been trying to find another love. I’m wondering if I could convince him to come back. What can I say to get him back? I wish he just let me be his one and only, I know I’m worthy, a daydreaming fantasy. *Adele explains that this is a happy song about someone she’s known for years and they always liked each other and how she’s convinced he might be the one in the end.

LOVESONG – “Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again.” It’s a classic retake, guitar, a glass a water and a reminder that she will always love him. *Adele explains she was very sad and heavy during this song. She was missing home and she wrote it for her mom. She said her voice was a bit gone during this recording but the raspy sound of her voice worked out well with the track & feel of the song.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU – This song makes me cry, it’s so heart breaking. You can feel her pain so strongly. Being left for someone else, never having that love back and seeing them with someone else. Missing them like crazy, trying to think “nevermind, I’ll find someone”, trying to be mature and wishing them the best but knowing how much it hurts. Then again, sometimes it lasts. When she performed this song live at the Brit awards it was extremely moving, as towards the end, she herself was in tears. Standing O! *Adele explains how she was feeling pretty lonely, deep & heavy and how she was on her knees when she wrote this one. While ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is more of a “F U, I’m gonna feel good” track, this was her imagining herself being 40 and watching the man she loved with his family, yet, being mature enough to know that she can just accept it as a part of life. She says she feels better for letting it out and not dwelling on it so much, and how this song helped her recovery.

No explanations from Adele on these two bonus tracks:

IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR LOVE – I feel like I’m on a train thru the country looking out the window, making my way to my destination of love, and how it’s moved me to travel cross-country. This was the first track I heard from the album and I listened to it over and over.

HIDING MY HEART – Now I feel like I’m getting ready for bed and it’s my last goodbye. Keeping with the theme of past love and hurt, I remember the very first date we had, the first time we moved in, the time we broke up and then moved out. I feel cold and tired. I feel I’m vulnerable, yet more mature and I’m going to shelter my heart from now on and hope that by the time I get past 21 into my mid or late 20s, I can find a love to call my own.



  1. Carlos A Rodriguez · September 10, 2011

    I like…

  2. CJs In Sight · September 10, 2011

    Thanks, Carlos!

  3. gypsydoodles · September 10, 2011

    My favorite in this album is “Someone like you”.. the acoustic version. =)

  4. gypsydoodles · September 10, 2011

    how about you, what’s yours?

    • CJs In Sight · September 10, 2011

      Also “SLY”… reg. version. The combination of heart & sound gets me all the time. Set Fire.. & Rumor are my next favs, how about yours?

  5. gypsydoodles · September 10, 2011

    uhm. not because i’m listening to it right about now.. my next fav is turning tables, acoustic still. haha. i have this thing with acoustic. idkw =) oh.heart + sound = heavenly! =)

  6. CJs In Sight · September 10, 2011

    I love the pace of turning tables, and I can appreciate the raw honesty of acoustic, sometimes there’s nothing like it. ツ

  7. F. · September 10, 2011

    A promising blog, good luck CJ!

  8. Shelly · September 12, 2011

    I love the entire CD., but Someone Like You is my favorite. Adele pours her heart out in this song, and my single sometime miserable ass can relate. You imagined her at 40 seeing the man with a new family,well imagine someone almost 60 still feeling the sting of that first real love. I think the song is about moving on.I do feel sad that she had to experience such heartache at an early age.

  9. CJs In Sight · September 12, 2011

    Shelly, I want to give you a great big hug right now! 🙂 I can relate, I felt the sting too, and that’s why this song is also my fav. It is a very mature song for someone her age, and I believe we are evolving much faster so kids can now relate to us much easier.

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