Morality – Good & Evil

I’m reading “Fringe Knowledge” by Montalk, and while on the site I came across some interesting information I wanted to share regarding “morality” and our perceptions of “good & evil”. This got me thinking since it seems that in today’s society, it’s much easier to see the divide in these two polarities. It even goes back to old children’s stories, fairy tales, legends, movies, politics, religions, etc., and impossible to ignore. It is the theme of our lives, the good & the bad, the ying and the yang. Let’s continue to promote the positive so we can balance out the negative systems.


  • All that encourages spiritual evolution is called positive, all that hinders it is called negative.
  • What causes pain & is self-serving is called “evil,” what is loving & altruistic is called “good”.
  • Good & evil are subjective & relative, but positive & negative are objective & absolute.
  • Proper balance between good & evil forces results in positivity.
  • Too much good leads to stagnation, too much evil leads to total destruction, which is negativity.
  • Balance is maintained by having both in proper ratio & diametric opposition.
  • One who fights solely for good or evil is a fool, one who fights strictly for positivity is a noble warrior.
  • Such a warrior will incorporate the proper balance of good/evil within himself, then seek to restore balance to negative systems.

So I ask, are you a good witch, or a bad witch?



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    Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

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