2011 American Music Awards Review

DAVID GUETTA & NICKI MINAJ PERFORM opening up along a wall of screens & speakers. She’s standing with her back to the crowd serving Aluminum Foil Barbie, pumping speakers on her ass? I like “Turn Me On”, it’s different, doesn’t sound like her, yet, typical Guetta taking the hip hop artists and turning them clubby. It just wasn’t the best song to perform live, and that’s the risk David takes when taking them away from their natural routine. Then, some creepy dancers on chains come out looking like the people under the stairs. Finally, “Super Bass” w/ big electro men on stilts that reminded me of clubbing in NYC & watching Rubio & Kidd perform.

I thought Queen Latifah was hosting but I only saw her one time, and no particular host throughout the night, just different presenters, which was fine with me.

FAVORITE POP ROCK BAND/DUO/GROUP – MAROON 5 – Yes, Adam is cute, at least cuter than when they first came out.

Hot Chelle Rae, who I’ve never heard of, present for FAVORITE FEMALE COUNTRY ARTIST – TAYLOR SWIFT – Her 4th year in a row, and she always looks classic & put together, with the right dress and look. She’s gifted, talented & humble. I’m not a huge fan, but I can appreciate and enjoy her.

Sean Kingston came out with a leather jacket and a big ol collar to present a PERFORMANCE BY JUSTIN BEIBER, who performed “Under the Mistletoe”, wearing a red on back & white on front shredded wheat looking leather straight jacket & pants. The stage was filled with lots of popsicle sticks/lights ala a construction site, giving off xmas colors & effects, with overall low energy and nothing special, not even the mistletoe. But, it’s not about him right now anyway, it’s about his girl, Selena, and I’m loving her new track, which I love like a love song. The video is so karaoke cheese but I love it, and her big ol hair. And they looked really good together and that old timeless, classic, hollywood glamour.

THE BAND PERRY PERFORMS – “If I Die Young” – Looks like they just left a European, country, wedding and they just hit the stage to perform right after they’ve all had a drink or two.

50c aka Chump Change (now-a-days) presents PERFORMANCE BY CHRIS BROWN – which 50 dubbed the “main event”, singing “All Back” live and he sounded pretty good as it’s a hard song to sing. It was Prince meets MJ meets Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River”, and he poured himself into it. Then, the the beat came on to “Say It With Me” and the dancing ensued. He’s always good at performing, and this time included an interactive stage, nice!

Jennifer Hudson looked stunning, presenting FAVORITE RAP ARTIST – NICKI MINAJ, who was on the other side of the stage so she had to walk across to get her award and almost busted her ass 2x walking with that big ass green dress. Why can’t people just keep it simple? Esp if all they have to do is walk up on a damn stage, why wear something that you can’t even walk in? smdh

KELLY CLARKSON PERFORMS “Mr. Know It All” with an old school, bugle boy, big band twist, and she sounded pretty good. When I first heard this song I thought it was Jessie J. It was an upbeat performance, she could’ve worn something else, but then again, she always can. She has the same disease Xtina has, they always wear the wrong thing. I liked the new take on the song, but would’ve enjoyed the original just as much.

FAVORITRE SOUL RnB – RIHANNA – who wasn’t present so said hi via tele & also got the award for FAVORITE SOUL R&B ALBUM – LOUD

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS PERFORMS “I Like How It Feels” and I felt like I was back in high school choir. He usually performs well but he can be a lil weird on stage sometimes, he was giving these odd facial animations. And, we know he has a good plastic surgeon because he looks like he’s 15 years old. LUDACRIS came out to perform with him and they filled the stage with all those people, which worked out, since the space was so big and seemed to swallow the less enthusiastic performances.

JENNIFER LOPEZ PERFORMS – And boy did she perform, it was the old Jenny from the block back with a new strut. She started out looking like a butterfly with animal prints in a long flowing gown, singing a ballad. Then, she stumbled, and it seemed she forgot the words…(but then this seemed to be part of the gig), cause she kept singing and then the music stopped, she smirked, said “C’mon” and her cape was snatched, along with the gown, which then revealed her in a shiny, gold, shimmy, dancing dress that reminds me of the kind the women wear at Latin dance competitions. She was “On The Floor” turning it with the boys who all started taking off their clothes too, and then she had yet another costume change where the shimmy dress came off to reveal a skin tight, in living flesh color, fly girl, Britneyesque, bedazzled, body suit. It was over the top & I loved it. She kept the energy going and it was non stop.

The highlights were her running to the car… but wait, who closed the door on her? LMAO She had to scurry to open the door from the inside out and got in right on time before the car started to rotate on the stage. Good save Jen, she wasn’t going to embarrass herself again. Not that I cared for that car bit on stage either but she’s plugging it. The other was when she got spun around by the guys on stilts, very Twirla Whirl. Then, she girated her gadunkadunkadunkdunk all over PITBULL’s bulgeunkajunk, which was the talk of the night as he looked a bit too “happy” to see her. It was odd b/c I’ve seen him perform so many times and he always has on form fitting dress pants but I’ve never seen anything protruding. If you ask me, that was Thanksgiving stuffing in those pants. lol I don’t know but there was obviously something going on and something we would’ve seen before, had it been there. He also performed later that night with Marc as well so perhaps he was trying to steal the spotlight with Jen. What say you guys? Was it stuffed or was he just a happy camper? lol Either way, I wasn’t complaining, there was lots of hot men & women on the stage bumping, grinding & contorting and Jen was surely being her Leo self, a big ol cat in heat and she pranced, pounced and made her kill on stage while we all watched her devour her meal. Then she came back later to have some vanilla dessert.


We find out that Adam LaLambert has been working on her album for the last 2 yrs, which is why we haven’t seen her anywhere. Her skin looks better but she still had on a ton of makeup. She…oh sorry… He presented PERFORMANCE BY ONE REPUBLIC – “Good Life” I love the song but it sounded like bad karaoke, he’s not the best live singer. Next!

FAVORITE RAP ALBUM – NICKI MINAJ – PINK FRIDAY – She almost cried (fake tears) but stopped it and thanked everyone, and gave a shout out to all female rappers, past, present & future. I thought that was nice, right Lil Kim?

PERFORMANCE BY PITBULL, LIL WAYNE & MARC ANTHONY. Would someone just smack Lil Wayne, clear his throat and give him a major makeover already. He reminds me of Krusty the Clown, I can’t with him already…. Meanwhile Marc looks like a Latin Skeletor on dia de los muertos, and he was about to pop a vein in his forehead so that didn’t help the image. I mean, he’s a legend already, but whatever, I call it as I see it now. He was in all black and so was Pitbull, but Pit had on a nice red jacket that he should’ve gave to Marc cause that boy needs some color in his life. And I don’t find Pitbull to be cute at all, in fact, he looks scary when he smiles, and reminds me of the clown from Stephen King’s IT with the scurry teeth. And what was with his humping the air? He was mighty excited again. Anyway, “Let It Rain Over Me” was a good performance, the typical clueless looking girls prancing around and it was raining on the stage.

Heidi Klum presents a PERFORMANCE BY KATY PERRY  “The One That Got Away” where she appeared to be in the center of a big AMA award. The color effects were hot. She looked awesome, more mature and put together and less tacky. All in pink (no surprise there), hair snatchededed, pink guitar & pink electric lights while everything else was crystallized with a cool, white, dazzling, icy effect. Did I mention her hair was snatched? I loved it, best I think I’ve ever seen overall, with outfit, hair and makeup all 10s. After she performed solidly, she received the SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for being the first woman pop to have 5 #1 hit singles from 1 album. I was surprised, assuming someone like Whitney, Madonna or Mariah would’ve already accomplished that, but oh well, even if Gaga is close 2nd, she wasn’t the first. Find a new goal Gaga.

Joe Jonas presents SPRINT NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR – HOT CHELLE RAE – Our choice was Wiz Khalifa, was also nominated. I haven’t heard anything from HCR, will have to do some research.

FAVORITE LATIN ARTIST – JENNIFER LOPEZ – She looked amazing in a black lace dress, classic, got on stage, went into her clutch for her notes & said how grateful she was for all her ups and downs over the last overwhelming year. She thanked her gente Latino, and she was gracious. I was so happy and proud, she’s back on top (not that she was ever down, except for her fall last year…OPPS) so humble & so fierce. She deserved the Work It Bitch Award!

Alanis Morrisette presents a PERFORMANCE BY MARY J BLIGE of “Mr. Wrong” and I tell you, she can do no wrong. She’s timeless and always on point, black don’t crack and she’s just getting better with the years. She started off in a spinning tower and ending with a nice homage to her friend Heavy D. We all love you, hail Mary!!! I have her new CD but haven’t listened to it yet but I’m sure I’ll love it.

Robin cutie Thicke & Ellie (who huh?) Gouldin came out to present FAVORITE SOUL RnB ARTITST – BEYONCE – who wasn’t present since she was in NY promoting her Roseland DVD.

BRUNO MARS presented the PERFORMANCE BY MAROON 5 & XLTINA. He looked good, she looked a mess AGAIN, WTF is it with her already? Does she not have any gay people on her team? Who the fk does her draggish makeup and allows her to wear the wrong dress all the time? All I could think was pregnant, bubble chair, meatball, Snooki, Deena, Twisted Sister…I can’t… Adam ran away from her across the stage to perform “Stereo” with GYM CLASS HEROES.

John Legend presents PERFROMANCE BY DRAKE – “Headlines” They know… they know… they know. I think Drake is hot, even if his music on the border with me, I don’t care for him either way, he’s neutral, but cool. I never cared much for John Legend either but even he looked kinda cute.

FAVORITE POP ROCK MALE – BRUNO MARS – I love him, gave a shout out to family in Hawaii, and he’s also half Rican. Go Bruno! He’s an awesome live performer as well, not sure why he wasn’t on that stage singing.



 FAV ALBUM – 21  – Refer to my album review under NOTES for more.


I wish she was there but she’s recovering from throat surgery. It’s scary to think someone with such pipes will have surgery on their throat. I wonder how that’ll affect her in the end, and if it’ll enhance or take away. I hope it only makes her better, we love her and wish her the best.

DAUGHTRY PERFORMS “Crawling Back To You” – At this point Andre was getting impatient with me & the awards since he wanted to watch Nene on ATL Housewives so I had to fast forward this performance. Lol

PERFORMANCE BY WILL.I.AM & JLO, with some virtual help from Mic Jagger. Sometimes Will tries too hard, and it was kinda cheesy high school project, but I liked JLo, even if she was just singing the chorus, she looked cute reminding you that “you can go hard or you can go home!”

ARTIST OF THE YEAR – TAYLOR SWIFT – She was gagging, said she didn’t expect it, but isn’t that what they all say? I love that she wrote her entire album. Either way you can’t h8 on Taylor, she’s got her shit together, she’s huge like a tree and she’s young.

LMFAO PERFORMS “Party Rock” and ended the show on a fun tip, everyone dancing with no pants and smiley face shorts wigglin around. Lots of energy, colors, antics, even Beiber came out in animal print tights doing the running man. This all reminded me of my uncle Willie (may he RIP) who always sported a huge afro, Converse kicks and was the life of the party. Right at the end David Hasselhoff comes out of nowhere & rip his pants off, too. His shirt should’ve said “F-k Off Hoff!” It all added up, ending on a good note & adding to the climax of the show, no pun intended, JLo & Pitbull already took care of that.



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