Around The World

A friend recently sent me this link on some great aerial views and I enjoyed it so much I wrote about them,

Here’s the link for the pics:

Here are my thoughts.

It’s mad cloudy in England.
The Alps and anything with snow looks so nice.
The Midwest is sooo square! AND ROUND!
Nigeria needs some old school project high rises.
New York looks like stalactites.
Volcanoes are scary.
Cairo can help Nigeria.
Wisonsin looks like cheese.
I wanna go to Australia so I can see that sunset.
I’ll skip Malaysia, & the mosquitos.
I need to visit the Grand Canyon.
LA Cali looks as flat as FL.
I want to go to Thailand, Phuc ket!
Do Bavarian donuts come from Germany?
Hong Kong needs some grass.
Austria looks like the midwest, who’da thunk?
Was the really Wisconsin or a puzzle. For real….
East of Madrid is perforated, like leather.
India looks mad crowded.
Luanda, Angola, WOW! Where’s Waldo!?
Libya looks like a microchip.
When will I ever make it to Rio! dammit!?!
Qatar looks alot like NY!
Tehran, Iran looks like Siberia..
Oh, Siberia is next, what’a u know…looks nicer than Siberia
Haha Hong Kong build 3 stadiums that make a happy face.
Good thing Bolivia is away from those mountains.
Peru needs some grass
Guyana is preeeeety!!!!
Mexico City looks packed like that!!!!
Id love to hit the beach at the Curonian Split.
I wonder what the red hot lava would look like against those mountains in Kamchatka.
Panama looks like she about to pop.~CJ

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