54th Grammy’s Review in a Poem

LL was our host
He still got it going on
A nice prayer for Whitney before all the songs

Bruce opens up
Gotta give it up to the man
And you gotta love Bruno
With his James Brown dance

A quick look away from the stage
Was that Gaga trapped in a space aged cage?

Loved the duet with Keys and Raitt
Sure was a Sunday Kind of Love day
Giving Etta her place

Adele is snatching
Very well deserving of all her catchings

Chris Brown gave us Tetris
And I could see trade
Not that I’m interested

She looked kinda messy
In need of new clothes & a hair dryer
But I love Princess of China
Coldplay & Rihanna

The old beach boys came back
All grown up men
Still giving us some real good vibrations

It was a night for the old heads
They were pumping the house
Bruce Springsteen
Glen Campbell
Paul McCartney performed 3x for crying out loud

Taylor was fierce, she’s always a treat
Looking like a broke, country, peasant Barbie
Complete with run down home & banjo accessories
Said she’d be singing that song at the Grammy’s

Katy Perry sang a new song
He can have everything
Reminding Russell he can take her money
But he can’t take that part of she

Adele had us rolling in the deep
Flawless perfection
She can do no wrong
I just wish she would’ve sang another song

Jennifer saved us
Class she never lacks
I will always love you
She brought Whitney back

Nicki WTF?
Sure wasn’t devils luck
More like deviled eggs
A big stank fuk up
It was senseless, stupid & disoriented
I like you but go back to hell with that performance

Ms. Ross tells LL she remembers him a kid
She’s a legend
Never changes
Hair still looks undid

Adele once again proves
It’s the voice in us that moves
Rubbish relationships and struggles needed
To help us release & start anew

Everyone did well
All with much respect
And that 6 man guitar finale
Must admit was kinda sick

So that’s my review
My random thoughts about
Until next year’s Grammys
Over and out


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