The drums drive me through this entire album and I love it!!! I feel tribal, birds, animals, trees, shaman, smoke, desert, island, jungle, this album is life to me, Santigold’s vocals compliment and merge well. Ready, set, let’s….

GO – I feel like a cop on the street making my rounds, or part of the swat team about to make a bust or on the set of Strange Days with the bullets and bullshit power struggles flying by. Then, I’m in an African, jungle tribe pumping my stick in the air while I’m pounding my feet on the dirt floor chanting “Hey hey hey hey” while alien voices intercept. Then, I feel like I’m in a car scene, driving super fast into a super crash! Then, the eerie background sounds make me feel like I’m on an episode of Scooby Do. I think you can tell I feel lots of different things on this track but whatever it is you’re feeling, just GO with it!

DISPARATE YOUTH – We’re playing shoots & ladders with life, taking vibrating shots. I’m by a beach, a club, deep in the jungle, on a dessert, on a jet, my dreams carrying me where I want to go, electric guitars flash with a dash of piano. The youth is desperate & disparate. This track makes me want to put my hand out of the car while I’m driving and make waves like kids do.  These lyrics remind me of life, how we’re raised, what we’re taught to believe, how we fight every day, to grow, to stay alive, to survive, and how we should follow our dreams, learning how to win what our parents lost.

GOD FROM THE MACHINE – This track is one of my favorite. I feel like I died and rocked on into heaven on an army drumbeat with ghostly voices & guitars swimming in the air around me. I’m marching in place, and then drums take over, culminating into a chant. I’m on the battlefield or forest. The army and the tribesman, both fighting to make it alone, yet together, and then I’m lost in the music.

FAME – This song is the song I’d play if I was a DJ and needed to go to the bathroom. It’s an “inbetween” track, not boring but not great. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was an MIA track, it sounds just like her. Anyhoo, it’s a fast, deep bass, up and down tempo track, changing paces as quick as fame can change an artist. I’m back to my tables and want to kick it up a notch.

FREAK LIKE ME – This song brings out the nasty. It makes you wanna crunk, pop, booty bump like Beyonce & pop your chest like Shakira, roll your hips and drop it like a freak. I wanna do the lingo and then get on the get on the floor, do the give it up and Jersey Turnpike, get back up, lick my lips, shimmy shimmy, pop the coochie some more, dance some reggaeton and do it all over again. But classy of course, cause that’s how we do.

THIS ISN’T OUR PARADE – I feel like I’m on an island playing a xylophone watching a ritual, listening to Nelly Furtado’s “Turn Off The Lights”, pounding on hard sheets of metal and watching the dead rise from their grave, but this isn’t my parade. I’m in a trance and I hear the calling of the fire. I dance to become one with the flame, blowing gusts of winds from my lungs. Then, I suddenly burn bright, jumping high with the sparks and the pounding & shaking of the drum. I know I have to come down, but I don’t want to.

THE RIOT’S GONE – The drums invite me into the center of the circle, preparing me for the fight of life. I feel the bass and the voices take me into a tribal dance. I pump, peep, eek and peak into a trance while the vocals take me over. It’s encompassing & increasing in sound, emotion and motion.  At 2:18 you’re turned up & out, with what sounds like an Australian didgeridoo effect taking hold, wanting you to close your eyes and get lost, taken higher but grounded, feet on the floor but head in the air, an auditory riot, and then it’s gone.

PIRATES IN THE WATER – The bass smacks you from the get. I’m on a scooter taking in the views of any island. It’s that kinda traveling song & you got to move. It’s Barbados, Bahamas, Jamaica and Coleco vision in one. I want to play a video game or take a ride to the beach on my horse with the sunset on the horizon, trying to make it to the harbor, time against the light.

THE KEEPERS – I feel like I’m in a Chinese video game, smoke in my eyes and then the beat appears and I want to throw my hands up. We’re reminded that we’re the keepers of America, but while we’re sleeping our houses are burning down. It’s a double edged sword living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s semi political and free. Lots of her tracks are anti-fame & trying to convey a message of sorts, but not too harshly in your face. I like the thumping beats, snakes right past you then it sucks you in.

LOOK AT THESE HOES – I just wanna let go and let loose. It’s a great song for dancing isolations, hip hop, crunk, popping, snaps, just wanna dance my ass off. It gets deeper and ready for a club battle, you can picture both sides and each wanting to bring it harder. Look at me then look at these hoes, these bitches ain’t fucking with me.

BIG MOUTH – It’s hot, water drip drops & evaporates on the hot desert sand.  The bass comes in with the cha hip hop, talking about them bitches with a big mouth, and then drums come in like Brazil & it’s Carnival in Rio. It’s nice and hard, and she takes a shot at Gagaga all slightly off, Katy Perry and La Lohan. It’s a basic shot at selling out, but she rather take the loss. And I agree, and what I love about Santi, she’s true to who she is. I don’t know if I’m in a tribe or in a parade but one thing’s for certain, my feet are moving fast as hell like the samba & I love it! The synchronicity between the dancers is off but works, together but messy.

I don’t think this album will get as much attention as it should, and I hope to change that. I haven’t loved an entire album at first listen in a long time, and this one had me hook and sinker from the start. I know some may havenot even heard of Santigold or the new album so I included all the links to the tracks. I hope you can appreciate it, and enjoy it as much.

Love, CJ


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