I saw a nature special last night & learned that Dragonflies have the largest compound eyes of any insect, with up to 30,000 lenses per eye, wrapping around & covering most of their head, which means they can see all directions at once, with binocular vision. Each lens points to a slightly different direction, perceiving different wavelengths of light creating a mosaic of images beyond human visual capabilities. They can see ultra violet light & can detect the plane of polarization of light, which humans cannot do without the aid of sunglasses. All in all, dragon flies are bad ass! My, what big eyes you have.

Captured by CJ, November 2010 – My focus was on the flower, I didn’t even know I captured the dragonfly until I checked out the picture.

Captured by CJ, November 2010 – At this point it followed me, and I was well aware it was there.


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