SAMSARA – A mixture of life, love, struggles and world issues. A mixed feeling at the end, not sure if you should clap or sit in awe of just how it really is around the earth, and how grateful we should be. How the desserts look like the sea, how mountains rise like majesties, how cultures practice their rituals, and how keeping humans behind bars makes them/us look like animals. You feel wonder & pain. You’re taken from India, to China, Dubai, Jerusalem, Japan, the US, and around again. You have respect for all religions, and everyone.

You’re mesmerized by the intense & penetrating eyes of the people, and you only need see inside, deep inside, to know how hard it is & how easy we got it. The mass production of products, chickens, guns and bullets, and how they harm us. Violence. Service. From the rich to the poor living behind borders or across the street, the clear divide between what’s yours & mine, theirs and ours. From the nature to the artificial, how we’re robots, following patterns and mannequins, plastic, surgeries, fake people acting as humans.

SAMSARA took me places and showed me things I may have seen on the History Channel, Animal Planet or Discovery, but not exactly, it’s a mix of so many perspectives, with no narrative. There are no words, the movie is voiceless, aside from meditative music, not one person ever speaks. It’s all beyond aesthetically pleasing, showing how the earth dims & shines in some of the best & worst ways, naturally. You’re forced to sense things differently, the bad & the good. The camera piercing through the prison bars with 5 ladies in China looking back so hard speaks louder than their testimonials ever could. You’re taken for an exclusive look of mother & nature, and the precious, fragile balance between where we live & who we are. You are immersed into other worlds, completely visually, intensely, and all the while silently.

A must see for our time & age.

Official Trailer:


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