American Horror Story – “Split Milk”

AMERICAN HORROR STORY SPOILER ALERT!!! So was it good or what? Actually, it was a bit all over the place, visually erratic & dreamy. Not only did Lana make it out, but she gave him the finger on the way out while exposing the tapes. I was cheering like a little school girl when she drove away in that cab. I thought she was gonna get served again sitting up in his crib. I couldn’t understand WTF she thinking, BUT, she sealed & splattered Dr. Thredson as we all had hoped, such a relief. It could’ve easily been the last episode. I knew they made up that story about Jude hanging herself, but why would Monsignor lie, to keep the place, and his position alive? Wasn’t he good, now he’s an ass again? That corpse scene was rather disturbing, as was the abortion & breastfeeding. Granted, if I was straight, I’d still be an ass man, but do grown, straight men actually enjoy breast milk? Or, was that just his crazy character? I’m wondering. He was more like BloodyMilkMoustache. Anyone got some cookies? Lol Oh, never mind. I’m wondering what’s gonna happen next with Kit, Grace, the baby & Judy in solitaire? Also, with angry, new age Bloodyface & his mom… could it be Lana? It’s still a horror story so I wouldn’t expect the happiest ending. Imagine after all that Lana gets killed at her book signing? That would be a f’d up. They could’ve ended it last night & I’d be happy. But, this makes me think that we’re gonna get another twisted ending. The overall theme to this season was exposed as Jude smacks & refuses her meds/pills, and she then warns the others not to take them. Then, I read that creator Ryan Murphy said he doesn’t want next season to be as dark or evil, besides, “Nothing is more disturbing than our mental health care system.” Ain’t that the truth? It sums up the American healthcare system in a nuthouse… I mean, nutshell, and says a lot about our current state of affairs. 2 episodes left, not that I’m counting.

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