Bruno Mars – Unorthodox Jukebox Review

Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox


YOUNG GIRLS – I just woke up in a Vegas daze, hung over, beat, walking down the dusky hall, making my way to the elevator while thinking about the long night I just had with all the young, wild girls. What a fucking blast! They made a mess of me and they’ll be the death of me, but I’m still rocking & rolling, dreaming about the simple life, yet, knowing that won’t exist living like this, and all these roads I drive with this lifestyle steer me wrong, but I’ll keep driving them… all… night… long.

LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN – I couldn’t get enough of this track when it I first heard it and it’s still one of my fav, but now that I’ve heard it so many times, I’m kinda over it, the unfortunate circumstance of overplay.  What I love is the build, the break, the fun, the Toucan Sam repeating echos, electric guitars, and the heavy bass. It builds and then everything melts together and you’re just having an out of body orgasmic feeling, jumping & pumping, the like sex taking you to paradise. The video explains the feeling.

GORILLA – It’s pure sex, gorillas in the mist, sweating & nasty in the jungle! Clear the bedroom cause it’s about to go down and you can’t run in my bedroom jungle. No need to explain cause my dirty lover knows just how I like it, screaming baby give it to me muthafucker. It’s sensual, sexual, primal, chest banging Silverback sex!

TREASURE – I feel like I took a speed trip back in time, remnants of Re-run & MJ. My least favorite track but I can still enjoy it. I’m treating my golden star like a treasure cause he deserves it.

MOONSHINE – Now we’re deep on another level, an incredible chemical, physical attraction. We’re lying on the bed outside underneath the night sky, making love… it’s slow, sensual, ethereal & heavenly. The moon is shining on our bodies and we’re off to another planet, cuming alive in a special place, up in the clouds, with the moon and stars.

WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN – This song is that perfect, simple, piano ballad that makes you think about life, love & pain.  If you’re feeling sentimental about someone, you might cry. It makes you think about shit that happened in the past with different people, and how you should’ve been a better man and did all the little things you knew you could. It’s probably my fav track of all and Bruno said it’s his most personal writing to date. This track really gets you. It hurts to have had your heart broken, being too young & too dumb to know what you were supposed to do.  Now you just want the best for that person that’s no longer yours. The true love that you let go. And that can haunt just as much.

NATALIE – A deep bass & soulful, churchy clap & she’s sinning… Natalie, that bitch, she ran away with all my money. I know I should’ve known better. If you see her, tell her I’m coming. A great, jumpy track.

SHOW ME – I’m in Jamaica or any Island for that matter. I have a strong Rum Runner in my hand and eating a conch fritter watching the girls stretching their backs out with the limbo, and the rest dancing under the sun to the island sounds.

MONEY MAKE HER SMILE – The ultimate stripper track! She don’t go where preachers preach, she only goes to the church where dollars fall. This beat is one of the hottest off the album, it’s snappy, makes you want to dance, do runway, pop & pose, bounce, drop it like it’s hot, get back up and do it all over again. It’s not complicated & it won’t take a while… music makes her dance & money makes her smile. It’s all about the new girl in town, she won’t let you down.  Now toss some bills & make it rain.

IF I KNEW – A throwback to the doo wop. I feel like I’m watching Back to the Future eating in the diner with McFly in a pin stripe suit with the band in the background. I’m thinking about the breakup, wishing we 17 to start over again. I could give the innocence I had back then… but that was in the past. It’s very Bruno and he pulls these tracks off so effortlessly, like he did Amy Winehouse’s Valerie. 

YOUNG WILD GIRLS – DEMO VERSION – BEAUTIFUL, his voice shines even more and while I love the beat it’s also just the feeling and words, and they stand out more.

GORILLA – DEMO VERSION – Wow, simple love making, stripping away all the bass, the chest banging and the beats, yet, you can still hear and feel it all. 

I absolutely love this album, it’s literally a jukebox with a little bit of everything from ballads, dance tracks & throw backs. It’s not too long or too short, it’s just right, and why I’ve listened to it countless times. It’s fun, upbeat, emotional without being dreary and all about life, love, pain, strippers, sex & raw emotion. If you didn’t love Bruno before, you will now. And have you heard him sing live? Sounds just like the record, if not better. Enjoy!

Much love, CJ



  1. honoringlight · March 1, 2013

    Great review, I really enjoy this album. Bruno is fantastic.

    • CJs In Sight · March 4, 2013

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, such a great album and he’s going on tour soon, can’t wait.

  2. banjojr · March 3, 2013

    Reblogged this on Bruno Mars.

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