True To Who I AM

I’m not perfect, never was & never will be… but I’m honest, I don’t play the fool, I don’t pull the wool over people’s eyes, I don’t cover up important information, lie for my benefit, use people, keep them in the dark or take them for bullshit rides. I’ve never screwed anyone over to get ahead & I don’t play mind games. I’m transparent in all my affairs. I respect & keep it real with everyone. I’m not an ass kisser, brown noser, brownie point keeper or any of that related shit. I do what I need to do to get by honestly. If you have to put on a fake smile & fake your way through, it’s not worth it. I adapt, but I don’t conform. I’m true to myself. I honor my integrity, my love & my light. I keep good karma because you get what you give, and sometimes you get it back 10 fold, whether good or bad, you reap what you sow. I rest peacefully every night knowing I keep true to who I am.

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  1. · March 20, 2013

    Tell it cuz.

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