Friendships are a 2 Way Street

I can’t stand when you have a conversation with someone & it’s all one sided, you share things about yourself & your life & when it comes to them, you get nothing, they’re withheld & reserved. Or worse, you get no response at all. Rude! Many people deal on the surface, where it’s safe. I like to go deep. I want to know more than the basics you can find out on Facebook. I enjoying forging great friendships & I like to take genuine interest in people’s lives. I ask questions, show concern, push for meetings & conversation & I appreciate the same from others. It only works if there’s common interest since relationships are a 2 way street, not a one way. I understand that some may only confide in certain people so they may not want to talk to you about specific things. I always had a problem being too friendly, and some are taken aback. Sometimes egos get in the way. You also know you can’t always be too revealing with everyone because not everyone has your best interests at heart. Some are just nosy & want gossip material. But, you’ll never build a rapport where you can be more honest & trustworthy with someone if you don’t open up & give people a chance. You’ll be surprised what you learn about people, and how you can help each other. Eventually, you know who’s who & I rather be me & not hide who I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve. We’re here to share, to engage, to love, to heal & make deeper connections on a spiritual level. We have nothing to lose & everything to learn. So as they say… if you don’t know, you better ask somebody.

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