I wrote this in June 2006 on the plane back to NJ after a quick trip to Miami to find a place to move. I remember a friend telling me back then & again today that it made them think of WW3. I didn’t write it with that in mind. It had to do with our gov, President Bush at the time, marriage, etc. So here we are, 7 yrs later, still dealing with the same issues & this poem means just as much to me today as it did back then. I’d like to share it with you.


We’re disillusioned
Led purposely to confusion
With no absolution to ease the minds of the youth
We desperately need to rethink & regroup

The lessons we’re learning are so unreal
In fact, we never learn the real deal behind the closed doors
Constant spiels of bullshit spitting on our faces
While many unfortunate minds just accept it
Some never question it
But many are guessing it

So when will we know the real deal?
When it’s too late while we wait?
Though we already know the truth
We just don’t have all the proof, yet!

But take a good look…

We’re blindly conditioned through wars & religion
TV & films… desensitized against our own will
Violence & hatred portrayed as entertainment
Modeling shows teaching perfection
But we walk the runways of life anyway
Feeling constant rejection, no self love, no acceptance

Bling Bling blinding the blingers from seeing past their own diamonds & Cadillac grills
Spilling exaggeration & foolishness
Neglect for money & all about respect?
For who? For what? For what have you done? For who?
All the fabulousness & labels
Alienating their own audience who can’t even relate
Since they’re not getting nearly as paid

Homophobic evil from political leaders
Marriage so sacred while we ask
“Who wants to marry a millionaire?” on the TV air
Then call it a day & go your separate ways
Cause it was just a game anyway


Reality stars making it big without anything real to give
And we give in anyway
Sitting like fools watching fake life happen

We’re being shelved as humans
Secret workman fighting for our own freedom
But not fighting at all
Since there seems to be no cause
And if one is created it’s quickly disseminated
Until we forget…

Meanwhile, there are greedy power wars
Against 3rd worlds we know can’t endure
The wrath of the political ass we call a president
When in reality; he’s just a dent in our present!

Unpublished © CJ Mendez, 2006


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