So it’s TBT but instead of a pic I thought to switch it up & share a memory of the past. I think I was about 10 yrs old & I had asked my dad for some money. We didn’t have it like that & he said, “Boy you better go out there & hustle.” So I took him at his word, he was always a very serious type so I didn’t think he was joking. I took my younger cousin with me on a mission to make some money. I had to think of a plan. At the time, in my head, hustling meant begging. So I told my cousin he should act retarded & we can go around asking people for money. I tied a shoe string around his head, he had the T-Rex arms going & walked with a limp. God forgive us, but he sure was watching that day! We proceeded around the neighborhood asking people for money & made a good chunk playing on people’s emotions & generosity towards the handicap. Well, little did I know my dad was like a hawk, looking out of the 3rd floor window on Summer Avenue. He was watching the whole time, when suddenly I heard that whistle. My dad has one of those very loud, unique whistles. It’s the way he would call me up home at night while I was running around the neighborhood with friends. I never went more than a block or 2 away, but you could still hear it. So I heard that whistle & froze. I looked up to see him in the window like he wanted to jump out as he yelled, “CARLITO, GET YOUR FU@KING ASS UP HERE RIGHT NOW!” I was shitting in my pants cause my dad didn’t play. We got upstairs & he asked me what I thought I was doing. I told him he said to go hustle. Lol We got the only ass kicking & needless to say, I never asked anyone for anything ever again!


  1. kimba · September 19, 2013

    Hahahahaha. That was awesome. What a hustler boy. And your poor cousin just a pawn in your game, got his ass whipped too. Pobrecito.

    • CJs In Sight · September 22, 2013

      Haha you know how it is, guilty by association!

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