One Thing Leads To The Next

Random synchronicities have been catching up with me more than I can keep up with them. I often write about things, put them aside & wait for the right time to come up. And it always does, whether it be days, weeks or months later. But, lately, the time is always now.

I’m finding connections & messages so I want to keep sharing them b/c I can’t keep up with journal notes that I’ll get back to later. That’s what this blog is for so I’m gonna put it more to use aside from pics & quotes.

Here’s what I experienced this morning…

I saw a pic of a girl searching through library index cards… the pic said “Pre-Historic Googling”. I thought that was pretty funny. That led me to think about IQ’s, which led me to an article that led to lyrics of a song & then a video I’ve never heard before, which led me to what I posted yesterday about a movie I saw… and well… everything was in sync! This all happened in about 5 mins.

So it started with this pic…

That made me think how with technology, science & medicine being what it is today, you’d think that we’ve become smarter over the years, but in fact it’s the opposite, our IQ as a society has dropped.

People Getting Dumber

IQ of Western Civilization Dropped Since The Victorian Age

And while searching for an article on “IQ society drop”, this link came up with the key words to some lyrics of a song I’ve never heard before called “Hyperactive – Message To The Future”.

LYRICS: Hyperactive – Message To The Future

The lyrics were pretty on point with today so I searched further to see that the video was just published on YouTube about a week ago, 9.16.13. Great video, too!

And all this just circles back to what I wrote about yesterday for a movie review. I AM

I AM – The Documentary – CJ’s Review

No coincidences, just synchronicities!


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