So Madonna finally released her Project Revolution, a 17 min film with Steven Klein. Once again, she’s hitting on the pulse of the times. It’s creative, thought-provoking, violent & in your face, beautiful, full of grace & emotion, political, humanitarian & revolutionary! It’s about time she spoke out, and more celebrities need to do the same!

She says she want’s to “start a reEvolution, somebody’s got to. There’s too much beauty in the world going to waste, too much talent going unnoticed, too much creativity being crushed beneath the will of corporate branding & what’s trending. It’s time to wake up before it’s too late! I want to start a rEvolution. This revolution will not be televised. It won’t be on the internet. It won’t be an app avail on your iPhone. You won’t be able to download it. This will be the revolution of thinking for yourself of having your own opinion & not giving a damn what people say! This will be revolution of inquiring further, of not worrying about winning other people’s approval, of not wishing you were someone else, being perfectly content with who you are, someone unique & rare & fearless. I want to start a revolution of LOVE! And this revolution will overcome all fear, suffering & separation & it will include all people. We’re all in this shit together.” -Madonna
At the end she asks, “Are you with me?”

Yes, Madonna, I’ve been here for a long time now, waiting for the world to change…

And waiting for other celebrities with a voice to speak out…

Huffinton Post – Madonna’s ‘Secret Project’ Debuts With Gritty Emphasis On Freedom Of Expression

Me and all my friends
We’re all misunderstood
They say we stand for nothing
And there’s no way we ever could

Now we see everything that’s going wrong
With the world and those who lead it
We just feel like we don’t have the means
To rise above and beat it

So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It’s hard to beat the system
When we’re standing at a distance
So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change

Now if we had the power
To bring our neighbors home from war
They would have never missed a Christmas
No more ribbons on their door

And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information
Oh, they can bend it all they want

That’s why we’re waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It’s not that we don’t care
We just know that the fight ain’t fair
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

And we’re still waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

One day our generation
Is gonna rule the population
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

I’ve been practicing putting this rEvolution into effect in whatever small way I can, even if some people think it’s silly, sharing quotes, writings, research, photography… beauty & love, poetry & positivity. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Hope one day you will join us!

CJ’s Evolution

This brings me back to a picture I took of a book on September 15, 2013 . My friend had the book The Secret Language of Destiny. It’s a 3 book series & I have the other 2, The Secret Language of Relationships & The Secret Language of Birthdays. It was a trinity come together. Each book is huge & has a chart & you have to look up your birthday, month, week & year, unlike a basic horoscope where everyone shares a month. So it’s a bit more personal. And every week has a title of sorts. I looked my up mine & my title in The Destiny Book is The Way of Awareness. It was too long to read 4 pages at the time so I took a pic of The Core Lesson on the 1st page. It was quite telling, and very fitting. It’s how I live my everyday life.

CJ's Destiny
And I have to honor a teacher who pushed me, my English teacher, Ms. Smith. She wasn’t the most liked, but she saw something in me and I never forgot what she wrote to me in my High School Yearbook.
Message from Ms. Smith
So this is the reason I do all this
Besides my daily 9-5 to survive
I find this to be my true purpose
I enjoy this part of life
Doesn’t have to do with consumerism
Money & greed
I just want to live life & be happy
Isn’t that the mission for everybody?
I want to share joy & inspiration with those I love
And if Madonna can do it, so can I
I’ll continue this revolution of love & evolution
Of love & life

Are you with me?

rEvolution - Both Mean Change
ONE LOVE – CJRevolution Evolution


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