Questions of Science

Rats & mice are used for testing
And experimentation
We may have similar characteristics
But, we are not rats

Yet, how else would we test?

On each other?
Of course not
And should we even be testing?
Or just living naturally?
Of course we want to save lives
But when are we crossing the line?

Even if over 95% of the mouse genome is similar to our own
20,000-25,000 genes
The same as a chimpanzee
Cost-effective & efficient to speed research
So small & have a short generation time
An accelerated lifespan
1 mouse year = 30 human years
The space & time required to perform research is manageable

And I’m scientific
But is there a thing as too much Science?

Maybe if we pay more attention to nature & spirit
We could find that there are cures for everything
If from this world
Then of this world
Vegetables, fruits, plants & herbs
If it came from here
It should be from here

Shouldn’t we have figured it out?
We’re smart, right?

Unless we tried to fix shit
And fucked up a lil bit

I’m always torn on this subject
Because science & medicine have achieved much
But I think somewhere along the line
We lost touch
Started getting too hooked on “legal” drugs
And half of these diseases were never around 20 yrs ago
We’ve gotten too far off our natural path
We think the remedies all quickly come from the lab
And we’re just filling up banks

Anyway, I went off on a tangent
Back to the rats…

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