Sharing is Caring

The way I see it… besides what you ask them, you can also get to know people by the questions they ask you. And, if they’re not asking you any anything, chances are they don’t really care to get to know much about you. Questions show an eagerness to learn about things & people. If someone thinks asking questions is being nosy, or if they become tense or uneasy when you ask them things, chances are they’re hiding something, uptight about themselves to begin with, &/or don’t like opening up in general. That has nothing to do with you, those are their issues. Candid & honest people don’t find it too hard to communicate. Questions lead to answers & a greater understanding of each other. Some people will sit & listen but never share of themselves. Sharing is caring & if you find yourself always diverging information & you don’t know anything about the other person, that’s not genuine communication… that’s more like a one way road… & real friends travel back & forth on 2 way streets.



  1. Shaniqua B. · October 7, 2013

    Omg this is too true. I was just sitting here nodding my head agreeing with everything you wrote.

  2. Shaniqua B. · October 7, 2013

    Reblogged this on Inside My Head and commented:
    These words speak truth that I completely agree with and sometimes am afraid to say.

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