American Horror Story – Coven

I hope by now everyone has caught up on American Horror Story, Coven! That crazy Kathy Bates as Madame LaLaurie, she sure knows how to play insane, keeping & torturing all those slaves while brushing her face with blood to make it tight as a drum & looking to create her first half man/half bull Minotaur. It swings from New Orleans 1830s back into today, merging the past & present towards the end. Zoe kills any guys she sleeps with, talk about death snatch! I’m enjoying Emma as torn celeb & telekinetic, sloppy, little witch bitch Madison. Human voodoo doll Queenie is a great mix but why they had to portray her as Precious eating a big ol drumstick? LOL We have the lil clairvoyant Nan, the most powerful of them all as per Fiona, the head witch at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Cordelia Foxx is Fiona’s daughter who leads the group & they can’t stand each other. Fiona literally sucked the life out of her doctor in attempts to make her younger, all while getting high as a kite! Meanwhile, Madison gets drugged & raped by 3 guys & we get introduced to Kyle who didn’t make it off that tossed bus alive… but he’ll be back as well as Misty who has the power of resurrection. Would anyone like a reviving pancreas beverage? Angela as Marie is a natural fix & has a long standing feud with LaLaurie who was poisoned for killing her man & then trapped in the ground… under the bricks. Fiona had her dug out after over 150 years & took her out for a drink… & did you catch how she looked at her how like “Girl, you need a new outfit!” Lol It was off to a great start, things are already getting interesting & it’s just the beginning but want more! Patience… patience. They showed us a bit of what’s to come & I’m sure there’s a lot more where that came from. Ahhh welcome back AHS!

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