American Horror Story – Body Parts

Late AHS Update – Misty is back with her Stevie Nicks witchypoo self, the free spirited enchantress who looks like she just walks everywhere with her hands floating in the air listening to imaginary music! Lol We got a throwback to Queenie’s past at Chubbie’s Fried Chicken… she grew up on Charmed & Sabrina the Teenage Cracker (trending on Twitter – never watched that one). Ryan Murphy is really pushing it with the fat girl image; I think he’s more stuck on Precious than we are. Fiona reminds us that she’s in charge everywhere & she turnt that scene with those fried chicken legs. We learn of LaLaurie’s past & her hung family & while at the salon Marie schools Fiona on the practice & its true origins & how the white girls mopped it but Fiona reminds her that they also perfected it… and then sets her wigs on fire! Noooo, not the weaves! Lol Nan sets LaLaurie free & she ends up knocking out Queenie thinking she was a slave. Lol They really made her ignorant & her reactions alone to things are already classic. We have to remember that she’s not a witch, she’s just a crazy, evil bitch gagging with everything going on. Cordelia had a sexy snake sex scene & while rescuing Kyle, our modern day Frankenstein (not sure how cute he’ll be with all his “Boy Parts”), Misty just pops up in the car. They heal him in a cabin with Spanish moss & alligator dung & Misty reminds us that Mother Nature has a healing answer for everything. Believe that! The Minotaur is back & we have another ending with FiLa, they’re turning out to be quite the pair. Did LaLa have an emotional moment? As if! Of course still shady as hell… “I loved my girls in my own way, even the ugly one; she had the face of a damn hippo, but I loved her just the same.” Really Lala? Lol I love that there is just as much modern day horror & history as there is comedy. Tonight is Episode 3, “The Replacements” & I hope to see some zombies, unless they save it for next week, in time for Halloween. Either way I’ll be happy!


And we also learned that Jessica Lange said she would be retiring after another season (4)so we still have time to enjoy her & I’m sure she’s gonna go out with a bang!

Jessica Lange Leaving American Horror Story

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