Today’s New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Today’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, which makes its energy twice as potent! This extraordinary event is happening in the intense sign of Scorpio, giving you the emotional strength to recharge your whole mind, body & soul … if you’re prepared. Watch for a busy news cycle since an eclipse in Scorpio is known for revealing secrets, upsetting the balance of power & bringing a fair amount of drama into people’s lives. During this time, don’t let your passions or emotions make your decisions for you; instead, try to be as flexible & thoughtful as possible. As this eclipse closes one cycle & begins another, you’ll need to let go of something to make way for new experiences. Consider ridding yourself of longtime bad habits, as well as anyone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Invest now in something you want to see grow & become more important in your life. It’s time to move ahead with a renewed sense of direction & purpose. Once the next full Moon arrives on November 17, you’ll have a chance to stand back & take a look at everything you’ve accomplished! (



  1. thaibahts · November 3, 2013

    What areas of life do you think will be impacted the most cuz of this eclipse in scorpio

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