American Horror Story – “Burn Witch, Burn”

Previously on American Horror Story… It’s 1833 & Lala’s serving Eyeball Stew & Surprise Intestines in her Chamber of Horrid Horrors, keeping her daughters in cages with shitty promises for Christmas. Cordelia loses her sight & gains another & Fifi goes on a twisted mission for drugs in the hospital. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the zombies are running amok. Fifi comes across a girl at the Asylum that lost her baby, telling her to talk to it, to tell her how beautiful she is & that she loves her more than the whole world. Poor girl was looking at her like she was one crazy witch! Then, she brings the baby back to the life. It was a moment of wanting to give back, seeing how much of a bad mother she’s been, training the girl in thought to be more loving. That scene deep & twisted to a baby T! Nan & neighbor are now stuck in the car… Nan girl you know you can’t do nothing, trying to save that boy, maybe she’ll get some, you know Nan. Lol I loved how Spalding gagged when they said, “Take them to your room”, waving back & forth ‘oh hell no no no’. Lala goes for ice & sees Borquita (Borquita, is that you?) feeling all bad crying… there’s just no way you can have pity on her black heart, as much as she’s trying to repent. Then it’s Borquita vs. Precious – Round 1 until Lala jumps in! Oh wait… is that Zoe ala Army of Darkness? OMG, she finally woke up & decided to join the party, increasing her powers. Be in your nature girl, I love a witch that knows how to fight! Marie falls on her ass at the salon & realizes “there’s some real power up in that house”. Fifi turns the crafty tables on Myrtle, who tried to warn them all but they agreed to “Burn The Witch” & then Queenie felt bad for frying that chicken on a stick, blinded as the next Supreme. And looks like Misty could use a meal, wandering around aimlessly in the woods, ain’t she hungry? Spalding is a mess… spraying all that Lysol, that stuff will kill you. Myrtle’s revived & I have a feeling she’s gonna return with a vengeance, giving you Darth Vader down! Oh what a world, what a world… tonight comes the witch hunter & it sure ain’t Dorothy! Is it 10pm yet?

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