American Horror Story – Coven – Heads (Recap)

AHS was all that & a bag of monkshood melons last night! We got a bit of history into Hank as a witch hunter. Fiona wants to talk terms & warns Marie at her salon that he’s coming but she laughs in her face & sends her away, while LaLaurie with her head literally in a box is still putting in her 2 cents. We get a look into The Initiative & learn there are more where Hank came from & his dad is the CEO. Myrtle serves up some of the fiercest human statue melon balls with power, compassion & uniqueness. Cecily’s fashion faux pas give her nightmares (haha) & she scoops out a pair of eyes for Cordelia, who can now see but no longer has the gift of deeper insight. Miss Myrtle is alive & well, she learned a few secrets in the flames, but Fiona still threatens to exile her to Paramus NJ, toxic waste & strip malls! LMAO. Fifi’s shady smile & should shrug is everything! Back at the hospital Madison is grossed out by sick ppl & Nan makes a connection with Luke & reads Joan directly from his mind. She’s worse than all the witches, a different kind of evil that hides behind religion. To think she was almost dead & now she finished off her son. You know she’s gonna pay! Poor Luke, he’s been through all that shit & back (no pun intended) Will he be resurrected too? Cause you know nobody dies on this show. And WTF happened to that dog that made Kyle normal? Queenie brings in fast food & Lala looking all hungry but she reminds her, “Bitch, you ain’t got no stomach!” LOL She proceeds to force her to watch old classic movies.. Mandingo, Color Purple (my favorite), Baps (LOL) & Roots, but she closed her eyes so she plays her some civil rights news & music. By the time she came around & changed with a tear, it was too late. Marie did some voodoo on Hank, who came back to wipe out the entire salon while “Freedom Over Me” played in the background. Queenie saves Marie & she’s history, what a precious moment. Marie showed her first vulnerable moment with taht shotgun in her face. She’s left with nothing so she appears on Fiona’s doorstep where they can now join forces. It’s funny how everyone comes together in times of need. Everyone seems to have the 2 sided nature of “good & evil” in this show, it’s pretty amazing the duality that lives in each character & how they can portray both sides of extreme witch bitch & basic empathy towards humanity. This episode was one of the most emotional as well, the music, the message, the scenery, the connections, the death & coming around of characters… I got a little teary eyed, a first for AHS. It was another legendary episode to go down in the books. “The Magical Death of Stevie Nicks” (& her premiere) is up next on JAN 8, ugh… talk about a long wait! – CJ

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