American Horror Story – The White Witch

THANK YOU AHS, for another wicked episode! This one should’ve been called Turnt, Turnt & Twirled… ala Misty Days. We have alliances forming, the devil/gatekeeper going bump in the night & Marie’s moppin’ babies! Fiona smacks the shit out of Cordelia, Misty does a death drop when she sees Stevie who gives an entire performance of “Rhiannon” (which casted a spell on all the witches) & we were twiiiirrrrrrrlllllled into the Crowning (Shawing) of the new White Witch Supreme. I love that she’s a white witch & I also love that Stevie is playing herself. The other girls can’t take it & are all competing. Broomstick to ATL anyone? Rat traps & mojito mixers, mayhem, sperm incense, voodoo dolls & Papa Legba, oh my! Misty gets knocked at the grave yard… she kinda was a stupid b!tch to let that happen & Madison is a total c u next Tuesday! WORK IT OUT NAN, SHE LOVES HER SOME LUKE… YOU GET REVENGE FOR YO MAN GIRL! Lol And those celestial tones, haha I love me some Myrtle & how she sounds like her throat got burned in the fire. She’s always serving sophisticated shade. Don’t be a h8ter dear… now back up, carry on, bottle some salad dressing & STFU! Lmao I mean what are your options when your Mother is Hillary Clinton? Cordelia lost it & Myrtle went back to her beats. I died! It was like a comic sketch. Fiona’s got the good stuff for Papa but gets no eternal deal since she’s a soulless witch, b!tch just can’t get a break! Lol Nan is feeling her oats & deemed dangerous so they drown her & give her to Papa. I wonder if she’ll be back or if she just went out with a big bang cause her character was totally on fire. We end with another performance from Stevie of “Has Anybody Ever Written Anything For You”, with Fiona reflecting with her messy self again. Coming up it appears that all the ho’s in this house are losing it & going after each other. They best get it together before the boys from ATL come back. And that’s a wrap! Or, a shawl.

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