My thoughts on THE FOLLOWING… I actually watched most of the first season, as much as I didn’t want to get into another show, lots of my friends were watching, it was interestingly twisted & kept you guessing. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel this underlying sense of darkness, distress & modern day insanity, and how you can’t trust anyone. I would tell Andre I don’t know why this show is on but something about it is not right. It left you here & there & not a good mental mind fuck sorta way like some other shows where the acting is clear acting. This show was kinda too real & one could see this happening today in our fucked up society.

The new season just started & we saw the first 5-10 mins last night & Andre said he didn’t want to watch it anymore & I literally & physically got upset. I didn’t like the emotion it was tapping into. We couldn’t continue, from watching how they start off with killing his wife & then the subway murder. It’s sick, brutal & warped in an abnormal & mentally disturbing kinda way vs. entertainment. I’ve just been noticing the formula lately for lots of shows & movies & it’s bothering me. You might say it’s just TV but to me it’s clear modern day Torture Porn desensitizing millions. So with that said, I will NOT be following THE FOLLOWING!

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