Matters of the Race

Life is like a race
Sometimes, we go too fast
We fall on our face
Trip over our feet
Tied up with ourselves

Sometimes, we go too slow
Think too much
Wait & contemplate
Until, it’s too late

Sometimes, we fall off track
Feel like giving up
Bruised and cracked
We drop the baton
We don’t feel like doing jack

Sometimes, we think…
We’re completely out of the race
Fallen from grace
When we’re just bit displaced

It’s all just matter
Time and space

The lap will return
We’ll continue our pace
Take up where we left off

Either way, we end up in the same place

At the end of the day
We only come face to face
With time

We realize how much we complicate
How we only race with ourselves
And how none of it matters anyway.

Copyright © 2014 Carlos J. Mendez

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