LG G2 vs. Samsung Galaxy 5S

Good News/Bad News

Bad News: My camera gagged… I mean my phone. I took it out of the case/protector & it fell. It was only last week when I told Andre that one of the buttons was stuck & I had to keep pressing it over & over, and how it was giving me issues (after the waiter dropped some water on it), and how…”I’m over this phone & I want a new one.” I guess the universe heard my cry. We shared about 3,000 pictures, and I backed it up, but it decided it wanted to leave me for the floor. It was so cracked out. I almost cried. It was my baby.

But, when one door closes, another opens.

Good news: T-Mobile is 3 blocks away from work & thank goodness for insurance. They told me that either way I had to pay a $150 deductible so I could get the same phone for free or go for the upgrade with no money down. So I got the#SamsungGalaxyS5, with what I hear is a better cam w/ 16MP vs. LG G2’s 13, more options, fingerprint access, records your heart rate & tracks your exercise progress, can be expanded to 128GB vs. G2’s 32GB (because it didn’t have an exchangeable SIM card)… AND it’s dust, sweat, sand & water resistant? This changes everything!



  1. A.T. · August 8, 2014

    Work the new phone!

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