Rise & Shine with Rainbows

When I was a kid my mother would always wake me up by saying rise & shine. As I was leaving the parking lot this morning, I looked up, and that’s exactly how I felt. #RisingAndShining

Then, as I made my way to work, I caught a double rainbow.

“A still more cogent example of existence as relationship is the production of a rainbow. For a rainbow appears only when there is a certain triangular relationship between three components: the sun, moisture in the atmosphere, and an observer. If all three are present, and if the angular relationship between them is correct, then, and then only, will there be the phenomenon “rainbow.” – Alan Watts





One comment

  1. swamiyesudas · July 29, 2015

    Beautiful photographs, both, my Dear Carlos! Thanks for sharing. And a Very Good Quote indeed!

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