Morning Hues

Woke up to cloudy skies filled with beautiful views of morning hues. 2.18.15







Miami Sunset

So I took a different road on the way home that lead me to some side street that lead me near a dead end that ended in this… a perfect spot across the bay from downtown right in time to catch the sunset.



Barbara Garland

So my cell phone rang early this morning at 5am sharp! The call was coming from NJ (973 area code), but I didn’t recognize it so I forwarded to VM. I was sleeping and figured if it was important, or someone I knew, they’d call back or leave a message. No call back, no message. I asked a few people if they knew the number and no one knows it. I called back but no one picked up besides an automated message asking me to “leave a message for 973-…-….”

Since I was up, I started thinking about how it’s the 10th & recalling a good friend and old coworker of mine, Barbara Garland, who I worked with at UMDNJ. She passed away a few years ago from cancer on February 10. We spent many years working & laughing the day away in NJ. I still miss her. She was always a mentor of sorts with voice of reason that guided me through some tough times and she was always pleasant, even on her bad days. We had lunch together every day, we always waited for 5pm to leave work and sometimes I would give her a ride home.

I slept a bit more, got up, called the number again and got nothing. Spirits have been known to communicate through electronics so the more I thought about it, random call at 5 o’clock (no one EVER calls at that time), no known number & no one to leave a message for…  I’d like to think that maybe that was just Barbara tapping the line and calling to say hi.


Please take a moment to hear this performance. The night this came on HBO, I had taped it on VHS (#TBT) b/c I was at my friend Felix’s birthday party & didn’t want to miss Def Poetry Jam. I had never met La Bruja, but that night she came to the party. At one point, the music stopped & she spit some spoken word. I was so taken, hooked & inspired, in awe of her passion & personality. I went home & watched the tape & saw her perform Lola & WTC. It was a double whammy! I immediately took out my pen & wrote a poem in her name called “The Good Witch”. She continues to inspire many with her magical brews.

Reiki Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago, I invited two coworkers to the Tuesday Reiki Circle @ Bagua. These are girls I instantly connected with & we were all on the same wavelength with similar interests. I told them about Reiki & they wanted to experience & learn more. As always, it was an experience you can’t explain. They loved it, and the next day at work we were all excited (yet, calm lol) & we told everyone about it. Now other coworkers wanted to go & wanted to bring their partners.  Word quickly spread & now many people wanted to go. I knew we’d be bombarding the Tue circle so I reached out to my Reiki Master Melissa Aluna Solano & asked if she would host us. She was more than gracious & one of my coworkers offered her place right across the street from work.

We set the date for 8.20.14.

Today, I went to lunch with one of the gals & we headed to Flossie’s, our local spiritual shop where you can get just about anything from stones, crystals, sage, oils, incense, soaps, small furniture, chimes, etc. We’ve already been here a few times together. We both ended up buying Tibetan (singing) Bowls. The other gal bought a bowl the day before.

I get back from lunch and catch up on my emails and read today’s DailyOM, it always comes later in the day. It was all about singing, harmonizing, and vibrations. That’s what “singing bowls” are all about. And who doesn’t love to sing… well I mean, if you can hold a note. 

The Benefits of Singing Harmonizing with the Universe – <——DailyOM>

Tibetan Bowl

There were a total of 11 of us, perfect number. We all connected & disconnected on a deeper level, hearts & minds were opened, tears were shed and Melissa was there to guide us & provide her priceless and angelic insight. It was a beautiful night.


In such short time, my coworkers have become like family. Every day we experience synchronicities & “coincidences”, we’re inspiring each other & making deeper connections & growing. Being able to merge my soul family & work family on another level is a blessing! This is what life is all about. Connecting. Creating. Beauty. Balance. Love. Light.

I’m very grateful.

– CJ

Reiki Wednesday Group

UPDATE: Thursday Morning 8.21.14 – So last night while writing this I kept hearing the ringing of the bowls. I asked Andre if he heard it. He was watching gymnastics and I thought perhaps it was the TV, so I asked him to mute it. I still heard it. I went to another room, I still heard it. I closed my eyes, I still heard it… that high pitched vibrational sound. It wasn’t annoying, but it was lingering.

So today we come in to work, everyone is all smiles and giving each other hugs & everyone else is looking at us strange. One person caught the energy & said, “Wow, look at all this love.” We just looked at them & smiled… in our flow. The world needs more hugs! They feel great. Then, my coworker (who I bought the bowl with) comes up to me and says, “I wanted to ask you because I’m not sure why but all night long I kept hearing the bowls.” I just looked at her, smiled & said, “I thought it was just me.” We both got those happy chills. #Synchronicity #Confirmation #GoodVibrations