Coincidence or Confirmation? A Story of Synchronicity

We moved to Miami 9yrs ago in July 2006. 3 months later, I began to undercover & piece together lots of clues like a detective uncovering a mystery. I shared it on my blog about 3 years ago, & revisited it the other night. The number 8 is prominent & symbolic of the infinity sign & how everything comes back around. If you’re a believer that there are no coincidences in life & everything happens just as it should, you’re going to love this story! Enjoy

CJ's InSight

You’ve heard it before, “There’s no such thing as coincidence”. This story is full of them. In fact, so many it became a little crazy detailing patterns, synchronicities, numbers, connections, and putting clues together like a puzzle to reveal a bigger picture. It’s a little bit CSI, some say it’s a little creepy, and many say “Get the f__ outta here, that’s crazy!” It’s a story about why we moved to Miami, the coincidences that began years before we even moved, and what happened after, all combining into a splendid story of sweet serendipities. It’s about the connection of all things in this life beyond our control.

Do you have faith? Do we have free will to choose? Do we ultimately control our own destinies or is everything already decided? Is there some sort of blueprint? This story has taught me that it’s a little bit of everything combined, happening…

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