“Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, adorn your person, maintain your health, your beauty and your animal spirits.” – William Hazlitt


Stand Tall, Shine Bright

“Only by its own roots does a tree stand tall and only by its own light does the sun shine brightly and bring life to our world. So it is with you – only when you’re trusting, loving and rooted in your true Self will the life that is your highest potential begin to manifest. Only when you are walking on the path of your highest potential will you ever be able to shine brightly and bring light to the darkness in others.” – Anon


Super Surreal Sunset

So I was just sitting at my computer at home when I looked to my right & saw the sky was pink, red & orange, deep, dark & stormy, it was beautiful. I jumped off my chair & picked up my new cell phone, the LG G2, which has an awesome cam & here are the results. The first 5 are all natural & untouched & the next 5 I put on a filter to give it some cool & surreal effects.

Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 1 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 2 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 3 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 4 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 5



Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 6 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 7 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 8 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 9 Surreal Sunset 10.7.13 10

Look At Me Now – Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction

Every morning I have to drive by a huge billboard with a picture of a big ass advertising Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction for $5,000. It says, “Look at me now!” I took a pic about 2 months ago & was waiting for the right time to share it. First I thought how I don’t even see much of a difference & angles work wonders. I really didn’t have a basis to talk about it further, and as a guy, most guys would think it’s a hot pic. But I was thinking something deeper & I couldn’t quite find the words for this billboard.

Brazilian Butt Lift & Lipo
Today, a friend posted something touching on the subject & I couldn’t have said it better. She said it perfectly, and coming from a women, it felt more authentic & relatable. She said, “I had a conversation this morning with a friend and it made me realize how skewed body image is for so many women. Especially in this city (Miami). Please realize that beauty comes in all shapes and colors. We are not meant to be Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian or a Victoria Secret model or Beyonce or some plastic filled barbie doll with a size 3 waist double D breast and a fake Nicki Minaj ass. We are human and that’s part of our beauty. Embrace what is unique of ourselves. We are all different. LOVE yourself beyond any image that’s fed to you on TV or a magazine cover. I’m all for being healthy and working out and eating right….Obesity is no laughing matter…but having an average sized body is OK. If no one tells you today….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE.” – Maria M from Miami.

She also shared this pic with her thoughts.

Victoria Secret vs Dove Beauty

That reminded me of a great Dove commercial I saw not long ago on YouTube regarding beauty, it was very insightful to see how some women see themselves. She thanked me for sharing, as I thanked her for being true to herself.

This all leads to more questions about the mental health of our society. Why do we need to be exposed to this nonsense? I’m not even a girl & I’m offended. And speaking of Brazil, over 5 yrs ago they did away with all kinds of advertisements (they got fed up with “visual pollution”) & since then, the land & mental health of people has improved. That says a lot!

“Imagine a city of 11 million inhabitants stripped of all its advertising. It’s nearly impossible when the clutter and color of our current urban landscapes seem inextricably entwined with the golden arches of McDonald’s or the deep reds of Coca-Cola. ”

Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil’s Largest City Is More Vibrant Than Ever

More to Life than a 9-5

Life always has a way of keeping things in perspective, reminding us of what’s important, and what really matters at the end of day. No one will remember the days & nights you spent slaving away, working to make that money… but, you’ll remember that vacation you took & all the fun times you had. We remember the moments we bond with friends and family, the hard times & the laughter. The reason we make a living is only to make a better living, go figure. Yet, life isn’t about your title, your position, coins, your job or degree. What people remember is who you were, the love, the life & the beauty that you contributed to the world, how you made people feel and the impression you left behind. Yes, it’s nice to have a great job & make money, but there’s so much more to life than a 9-5.