Stay Within Your Center

“I teach people that no matter what the situation is, no matter how chaotic, no matter how much drama is around you, you can heal by your presence if you just stay within your center.” – Deepak Chopra

Björk Vulnicura Cover - (Not My Pic)

Björk Vulnicura Cover – (Not My Pic)

Be Humble & Be Hungry

BE HUMBLE – Don’t think you know it all. See yourself as a life-long learner who is always seeking ways to learn, grow & improve. See everyone as a teacher & learn from everyone you meet. Be open to new ideas & strategies to take your life, school & work to the next level. When people tell you that you are great don’t let it go to your head. And when they tell you that you stink, don’t let it go to your head. Be kind to everyone & let people know that they matter. Live with humility because the minute you think you have arrived at the door of greatness it will get shut in your face. Humility doesn’t mean you think less of yourself. It just means you think of yourself less.

BE HUNGRY – Follow your passion, continuously improve & continue to dream. Seek out new ideas, new strategies & new ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Invest the time, energy, sweat & dedication to be your best & let God do the rest. Be willing to pay the price that greatness requires. Don’t be average. Strive to be great. Become the hardest worker you know. Love the process & you’ll love what the process produces. Decide to leave a legacy. Even at a young age it’s important to think about what legacy you want to leave because knowing how you want to be remembered helps you decide how to live today. Don’t focus on where you’ve been. Focus on where you are & where you are going. Make your life & work a quest for excellence. Every day ask how I can be better today than I was yesterday? Make your next work your best work. Regardless of your age, education or career status, if you stay Humble & Hungry everything else will take care of itself.

Jon Gordon


Working at Grand Lux Café in Aventura Mall is a very nice guy named Giovanni. He’s tall, perhaps in his late 30s or 40s, Latin/Italian & reminds us a bit of Walter Mercado in his finesse & soft spokenness. Of the many times we’ve lunched there, my co-worker & I only had him once, and we never forgot the experience. Today, we got him again, and we smiled. Before he even asks what you want to drink he says, “Welcome, my name is Giovanni, I’ll be your server for today, and I’d like to start off by wishing you a nice start to a great meal.” It kinda throws you off since it’s not something you’re accustomed to. He takes your order, gives recommendations, smiles & gives such life to everything he says. When he brings you water, he says, “Here’s something I would like to provide to refresh you.” You think to yourself, ‘uhm it’s just water’ & most people just drop it off & keep it moving, but it really is refreshing & he makes you want to drink more of it. When he brings your food, he says, “Please enjoy & I would like to take this moment you wish you great health & many blessings.” The first time we were wondering if he was on happy drugs or smoked some good stuff before his shift.

Today, it hit me differently. I recalled reading the Celestine Prophecy many years ago & it spoke about the way we intake food, and how we shouldn’t eat while watching TV or be too distracted, how we should focus on the food, focus on its energy & give it more energy before we intake. It causes you to be more conscious, enhancing your perspective & the properties of the food at the same time. Some pray before they eat & that’s another form but I admit I don’t do it very often, and some just say, “Amen” & dig in, not actually giving it much thought. But, Giovanni makes you pause before you have that meal & forces you to give it more consideration. While he kinda throws you off with his uber kindness, he makes you feel so much better about your entire experience. My co-worker thought something was wrong with him & then you realize there’s nothing wrong with him, you’re just not used to such courtesy, cognizance or conscientiousness, and that’s sad, it should be more common. Sometimes, you expect people to be quick and/or bothered & that sucks b/c you begin to allow it in a way & brush it off as them just having a bad day. But, that doesn’t make it OK. 

The first & last time he served us was many months ago & we always laughed about how he was a little out there, but we never forgot his name or how he made us feel. So when we had him again today, my co-worker’s eyes lit up & she began giggling, all giddy that Giovanni was working our table. We agreed that for all that we laughed about this guy, he’s really doing something special & it really does make a difference in your dining experience. Upon leaving he says, “Thank you so much, I wish you a great day full of abundance & joy.” Who says that after you finish a meal? Most people just want your tip, but Giovanni does, and that’s why he gets a bigger one! Energy is currency & currency is money, and those that take the time to go above & beyond & actually make your experience something else deserve the best. I’ll be writing to Grand Lux to let them know how great Giovanni is, and next time we go, we’ll request to sit in his area, because every meal you have should be filled with such love & lightness.