“I want to start a rEvolution. But this rEvolution will not be televised, it won’t be on the internet, it won’t be an app available on your iPhone. You won’t be able to download it. This will be the rEvolution of thinking for yourself, of having your own opinion & not giving a damn what people say! This will be rEvolution of inquiring further, of not worrying about winning other people’s approvals, of not wishing you were someone else, being perfectly content with who you are, someone unique & rare & fearless. I want to start a rEvolution of LOVE! And this rEvolution will overcome all fear, suffering & separation & it will include all people. We’re all in this shit together!” – Madonna


Look At Me Now – Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction

Every morning I have to drive by a huge billboard with a picture of a big ass advertising Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction for $5,000. It says, “Look at me now!” I took a pic about 2 months ago & was waiting for the right time to share it. First I thought how I don’t even see much of a difference & angles work wonders. I really didn’t have a basis to talk about it further, and as a guy, most guys would think it’s a hot pic. But I was thinking something deeper & I couldn’t quite find the words for this billboard.

Brazilian Butt Lift & Lipo
Today, a friend posted something touching on the subject & I couldn’t have said it better. She said it perfectly, and coming from a women, it felt more authentic & relatable. She said, “I had a conversation this morning with a friend and it made me realize how skewed body image is for so many women. Especially in this city (Miami). Please realize that beauty comes in all shapes and colors. We are not meant to be Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian or a Victoria Secret model or Beyonce or some plastic filled barbie doll with a size 3 waist double D breast and a fake Nicki Minaj ass. We are human and that’s part of our beauty. Embrace what is unique of ourselves. We are all different. LOVE yourself beyond any image that’s fed to you on TV or a magazine cover. I’m all for being healthy and working out and eating right….Obesity is no laughing matter…but having an average sized body is OK. If no one tells you today….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE.” – Maria M from Miami.

She also shared this pic with her thoughts.

Victoria Secret vs Dove Beauty

That reminded me of a great Dove commercial I saw not long ago on YouTube regarding beauty, it was very insightful to see how some women see themselves. She thanked me for sharing, as I thanked her for being true to herself.

This all leads to more questions about the mental health of our society. Why do we need to be exposed to this nonsense? I’m not even a girl & I’m offended. And speaking of Brazil, over 5 yrs ago they did away with all kinds of advertisements (they got fed up with “visual pollution”) & since then, the land & mental health of people has improved. That says a lot!

“Imagine a city of 11 million inhabitants stripped of all its advertising. It’s nearly impossible when the clutter and color of our current urban landscapes seem inextricably entwined with the golden arches of McDonald’s or the deep reds of Coca-Cola. ”

Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil’s Largest City Is More Vibrant Than Ever

One Thing Leads To The Next

Random synchronicities have been catching up with me more than I can keep up with them. I often write about things, put them aside & wait for the right time to come up. And it always does, whether it be days, weeks or months later. But, lately, the time is always now.

I’m finding connections & messages so I want to keep sharing them b/c I can’t keep up with journal notes that I’ll get back to later. That’s what this blog is for so I’m gonna put it more to use aside from pics & quotes.

Here’s what I experienced this morning…

I saw a pic of a girl searching through library index cards… the pic said “Pre-Historic Googling”. I thought that was pretty funny. That led me to think about IQ’s, which led me to an article that led to lyrics of a song & then a video I’ve never heard before, which led me to what I posted yesterday about a movie I saw… and well… everything was in sync! This all happened in about 5 mins.

So it started with this pic…

That made me think how with technology, science & medicine being what it is today, you’d think that we’ve become smarter over the years, but in fact it’s the opposite, our IQ as a society has dropped.

People Getting Dumber

IQ of Western Civilization Dropped Since The Victorian Age

And while searching for an article on “IQ society drop”, this link came up with the key words to some lyrics of a song I’ve never heard before called “Hyperactive – Message To The Future”.

LYRICS: Hyperactive – Message To The Future

The lyrics were pretty on point with today so I searched further to see that the video was just published on YouTube about a week ago, 9.16.13. Great video, too!

And all this just circles back to what I wrote about yesterday for a movie review. I AM

I AM – The Documentary – CJ’s Review

No coincidences, just synchronicities!

I AM – The Documentary

I AM – By Carlos Juan (CJ) Mendez

In this deep, insightful documentary, Hollywood Comedy director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Bruce Almighty, Nutty Professor) films & recounts his experiences after having a bad bike accident that left him with a concussion and damage to his frontal lobe. He had to spend lots of time in bed & recovery. Others with this condition were led to depression & suicide. When left with nothing but your health, you contemplate life in many other ways. He realized it’s not about money, fame & fortune, everything he had already attained, and new lessons were learned from a new perspective. He decided to use the time to try to find out more about what’s wrong with our world and what we can do about it. He meets with spiritual philosophers & leaders & shows how even as kids we go to school to learn to compete & be number one. We’re conditioned to grow so we can consume more which equals good, since good is the measure of life. Everything is an advertisement & money equals happiness. Accumulation seems key, but this is all a big mental illness & how lots of it creates emptiness & loneliness. He found himself in his big house with nothing but his health. Everything didn’t mean anything anymore. He realized this isn’t the natural rhythm of life which equals happiness.

So what is it? What’s wrong with our world? What can we do to fix it?

Our economy is a monster, a huge machine that we created & not a natural force of nature. And what is it for? It all makes you think. It’s as if we’re trained to be greedy, aggressive & violent, to separate yours & mine. We’re taught that’s the nature of life, evolution, survival of the fittest. Yet, we experience shock after shock to prove that we got it all wrong and that and that the true natural state of who we are is love, not war. We come together in life after disaster since compassion & empathy are key & our human basic nature is to cooperate. Cooperation is of the highest value & domination is of the lowest. Even in the animal jungle their nature is cooperation & democracy. Like a flock of birds in the air or school of fish in the ocean all moving together in unison, they actually decide together so fast we can’t even see it but not one single bird or fish is taking the lead, they are all agreeing as one. Also, he touches on the “Butterfly Effect” and how whatever happens on one side of the globe affects the other. Our DNA is very close to many animals on this earth & we’re all related. WE ARE ONE.

We learn that sympathy is actually our strongest instinct in human nature & this is also something to Darwin stressed in his studies (aside from his theory of evolution & survival of fittest), but one of the key points that everyone chose to ignore in his teachings as we were brought up because we don’t honor sympathy & they didn’t want us to focus on that. Society and those in control wanted us to focus on the competition, not our true empathic nature.

The truth of who we are is that we are because we belong. I AM.

We have what’s called the mirror neuron, when we see & feel what you see in others. For instance, you see someone get hurt on TV & you feel that pain in a way. And evolution has been hard wired for a compassionate response & a need to serve others more than ourselves. But some have what’s called the selfish gene & attitude that has been embedded & taught to them when sympathy is actually our strongest instinct in human nature. Our hearts rule. Scientifically, more information goes from your heart to your brain than from your brain to your heart. Compassion, love, and gratitude are key.

Then, Tom did a test with yogurt. A scientist hooked up electrodes to Tom & also to the yogurt. Tom’s thoughts were affecting the yogurt’s neurons & if he thought about something painful or stressful, the yogurt would react. It was pretty insane to see, but it shows that even in simple state, the yogurt is aware & alive. Think about it, it has water, cultures & bacteria as well. It’s a celled organism. It reminded me of a study I read about where a doctor put electrodes onto a plant & someone came into the room with fire & the plant reacted. And when the fire was removed from the room, the plant calmed down. The fact is that we’re all connected on many levels we will never even see or comprehend naturally. And our argon atoms (what we exhale) stays in the air & becomes part of the whole, the ether, the other layer of unseen, interconnected energy in our world. Think Star Trek on an invisible biological & cellular level.

Our mission on this earth, and what Tom was trying to portray in this documentary is to bring consciousness & awareness & perception to others. Until people all start thinking on the same level, to cooperate as one, there will always be separation, negativity & misunderstanding. This all seems so basic & elementary, but it’s deeper than we think and we’re far off our path.

Towards the end of the documentary, Tom ends up selling everything big he had… the big house, the private jet and fancy car. He now lives in a modest home in California, bikes to work and takes commercial flights. In the end reminds us that the need for personal property beyond our means is a mental illness. Nothing in nature takes more than it needs and only love & cooperation will save our world.


“Competition as we know it is dead. Collaboration is the new competition. It’s about working with each other, not against. Together we all win.” – Rich German“

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part in time & space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts & feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires & to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures & the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure & the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.” – Albert Einsten



I wrote this in June 2006 on the plane back to NJ after a quick trip to Miami to find a place to move. I remember a friend telling me back then & again today that it made them think of WW3. I didn’t write it with that in mind. It had to do with our gov, President Bush at the time, marriage, etc. So here we are, 7 yrs later, still dealing with the same issues & this poem means just as much to me today as it did back then. I’d like to share it with you.


We’re disillusioned
Led purposely to confusion
With no absolution to ease the minds of the youth
We desperately need to rethink & regroup

The lessons we’re learning are so unreal
In fact, we never learn the real deal behind the closed doors
Constant spiels of bullshit spitting on our faces
While many unfortunate minds just accept it
Some never question it
But many are guessing it

So when will we know the real deal?
When it’s too late while we wait?
Though we already know the truth
We just don’t have all the proof, yet!

But take a good look…

We’re blindly conditioned through wars & religion
TV & films… desensitized against our own will
Violence & hatred portrayed as entertainment
Modeling shows teaching perfection
But we walk the runways of life anyway
Feeling constant rejection, no self love, no acceptance

Bling Bling blinding the blingers from seeing past their own diamonds & Cadillac grills
Spilling exaggeration & foolishness
Neglect for money & all about respect?
For who? For what? For what have you done? For who?
All the fabulousness & labels
Alienating their own audience who can’t even relate
Since they’re not getting nearly as paid

Homophobic evil from political leaders
Marriage so sacred while we ask
“Who wants to marry a millionaire?” on the TV air
Then call it a day & go your separate ways
Cause it was just a game anyway


Reality stars making it big without anything real to give
And we give in anyway
Sitting like fools watching fake life happen

We’re being shelved as humans
Secret workman fighting for our own freedom
But not fighting at all
Since there seems to be no cause
And if one is created it’s quickly disseminated
Until we forget…

Meanwhile, there are greedy power wars
Against 3rd worlds we know can’t endure
The wrath of the political ass we call a president
When in reality; he’s just a dent in our present!

Unpublished © CJ Mendez, 2006


Last night, I had a dream I met Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. She was so friendly, and tall. Then again, I’m a shorty. On the bus ride back from the place I met her, I was telling my friends about it and I turned around and she was sitting on the bus. I said, “Oh, I was just telling my friends about you” and she just smiled.

2 nights ago, I dreamt I saw Kathy Griffin on the dance floor of a wedding I was attending. In all my dreams these people are always my good friends and I approach them like I’ve known them for years. We were taking pictures together and just hanging out. I realize there are lots of celebs that we’ll never meet in real life, and honestly, I’m not star struck so if I did see her in real life (or anyone for that matter), I’d just walk right by and or treat them like anyone else.

I remember actually seeing Britney Spears @ a club in NYC years ago. She was just starting out and dancing with her friends. I walked by with all my friends and she just looked, we made eye contact but it wasn’t like I wanted to get her autograph. A few years ago, I dreamt I was taking pictures of her while she was coming off her tour bus and she pulled me to the side and began to make out with me, and her breath stank of cigarettes. Lol

About a year or 2 ago, I dreamt I was hanging out with Whitney Houston once on a cruise ship and we were singing “You’re My Baby Tonight” together. I said, “Whitney, watch… I can do that part where you sing all fast… “Now it’s like I’m fatal, It’s all on the table…And baby you hold the cards…”  and she loved it. Bobby was there too, but he didn’t sing along, thank goodness.

Less than a year ago, I dreamt that I saw Beyonce walking down Washington Avenue in South Beach, Miami. It was raining, and she was carrying bags. I said, “B, what you doing walking in the rain, get in this car girl.” So she got in and we hit the club where we danced all night long.

I love dreaming, I’m literally in another world, always meeting new people, and taking pictures of landscapes & sceneries I’ve never seen in person. That wasn’t always the case, I used to dream I was trapped in a house or building of some sort and it was like a maze trying to get out. Or, I’d be an an investigator trying to figure out a crime, or some beating some evil entity. Those dreams would continue over several night in chapters and I’d always make it out the house while helping others out who were always trapped, or I’d solve the crime. They were always dark dreams, but I’m happy that has changed.

Last night, I also dreamt I saw 3 rainbows, which I’ve never seen in person, it was so beautiful. I swear I took a pic… and like always, I get up and it’s all gone.

Alas, I continue to dream on!

Oz The Great And Powerful

OZ - The Great and Powerful


I loved every minute! It almost felt like I watched the original Wizard of Oz all over again, it felt just as child-like and magical, but, it sure wasn’t the same. It was darker, more mature and not as sweet, innocent, or naive as Dorothy, since this wizard has been around the block a few times. The cinematography was absolutely stunning, so beautiful, especially in Real 3D. I don’t know why anyone would have a hard time watching such a lovely movie, unless they’re hardened or jaded by the original.

We start out at in Kansas, 1905, and you’re introduced to the wizard, Oscar, the money-hungry trickster who they call Oz. He’s pulling circus craft, and as James Franco, he’s much cuter than the old man. He has quick love affairs, gets booed off stage when appearing a fake & then forced to run away when he owes a big guy some money. To escape a beating, he jumps in his balloon and is taken by the storm. Caught in the twister, he begs for his life, asking for mercy, because he’s not ready to go and really wants to change to be a better man, and that’s when everything stops mid-storm and he’s flown out to Oz.

Just as the original, it’s all begins in a small black & white screen and as he lands and see’s Oz for the first time, the screen opens widens & the changes into fantastically bright, vivid colors. He immediately meets Theodora (Mila Kunis – who can do no wrong in my eyes, I have loved her since That 70s Show), who battles between being a good bitch & a bad bitch. The other sister, Evanora (Rachel Weisz), is the fiercest & truly evil. Then, there’s Glinda (Michelle Williams), the good witch, who lives in the Dark Forest because the overall power of her 2 sisters keeps her light at bay. Still, she shines & has faith in the wizard, who everyone believes is their savior. He’s the one of who the land has spoken, but he’s not completely convinced in himself so that’s part of his journey, to find faith in himself.

Oscar makes his way through Oz, like Dorothy, and in some regards, the storyline is very similar, mirroring the original version & journey, and people along the way, comparing with characters in Kansas. He meets Finley, a small flying monkey that was like his assistant in Kansas, then China, a little fierce porcelain girl with cracked feet, who resembled the girl in a wheelchair he couldn’t help in Kansas, and his old flame turns out to be Glinda. Finley vows to do anything he needs & China is tiny, so cute, has the biggest heart, and she’s a hot mess. There aren’t many, if any, musical numbers and that was fine with me. Also, some ideas couldn’t be replicated so you’ll see no ruby slippers here. The head munchkin was a small, sassy, black man, who gives the movie some edge and they all gather to get the bad witch using their skills and the wizard’s tricks. Besides, they think he’s the great one that came to rescue Oz, and in fact he is, he just needs to believe it for himself, while keeping the spirits of the people up. He wants to be good but not always certain how and he’s inspired throughout the way. There is a lot that circles back to the 1939 classic, but you don’t have to watch the original to understand. You also get to see how cool the smoke machine works, on a grander level, and how things transpire.

With that, and all those comparisons, you still can’t compare everything you see. If you keep an open heart & mind, and try to bias free and allow yourself to, you will certainly enjoy Oz. I read more negative reviews than positive going in so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I just couldn’t pay attention to any of them. I trust my own judgment and have plenty of my own thoughts. I have seen them all play better roles, but I still think the actors did well. Just for the look alone, this movie will be a classic. It’s visually spectacular with and best seen in 3D in the movies while you still can. It’s delightful, enchanting, captivating, funny, great for kids and adults, and like so many movies in our lives, plays on the age old theme of good vs. evil. Even with the themes playing out in our world today, fakes & phonies, political systems, the corrupt being exposed, and the darkness being brought to the light. After all, we all know that in the end… good always wins! Now run along and go see it, before someone drops a house on you!

One love, CJ