Orchid Bird

Trying to capture a nice pic of an orchid
It was a bit dark so I put a flash on it

Suddenly, a bird appeared 
With frosted wings
A big heart
Flashing eyes & lit tips

A simple flower

Life within life

Visions of beauty are endless
Meanings are infinite




Blaming Others

“Anytime you blame others and complain about your situation, you are choosing to be a victim. By playing the victim role you are putting yourself in an ineffective and weak position. It is virtually impossible to allow incredible miracles to enter your life when you choose to remain in this negative mental state.” – Sonia Ricotti

Barbara Garland

So my cell phone rang early this morning at 5am sharp! The call was coming from NJ (973 area code), but I didn’t recognize it so I forwarded to VM. I was sleeping and figured if it was important, or someone I knew, they’d call back or leave a message. No call back, no message. I asked a few people if they knew the number and no one knows it. I called back but no one picked up besides an automated message asking me to “leave a message for 973-…-….”

Since I was up, I started thinking about how it’s the 10th & recalling a good friend and old coworker of mine, Barbara Garland, who I worked with at UMDNJ. She passed away a few years ago from cancer on February 10. We spent many years working & laughing the day away in NJ. I still miss her. She was always a mentor of sorts with voice of reason that guided me through some tough times and she was always pleasant, even on her bad days. We had lunch together every day, we always waited for 5pm to leave work and sometimes I would give her a ride home.

I slept a bit more, got up, called the number again and got nothing. Spirits have been known to communicate through electronics so the more I thought about it, random call at 5 o’clock (no one EVER calls at that time), no known number & no one to leave a message for…  I’d like to think that maybe that was just Barbara tapping the line and calling to say hi.

Stay Within Your Center

“I teach people that no matter what the situation is, no matter how chaotic, no matter how much drama is around you, you can heal by your presence if you just stay within your center.” – Deepak Chopra

Björk Vulnicura Cover - (Not My Pic)

Björk Vulnicura Cover – (Not My Pic)


“Thus, for thousands of years human history has been a magnificently futile conflict, a wonderfully staged panorama of triumphs and tragedies based on the resolute taboo against admitting that black goes with white.” – Alan Watts