American Horror Story – Dark Cousin

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – SPOILER ALERT!!! I think last night was one of the best episodes; it wasn’t full of gore, amazing story line and characters, the constant up & down of emotion & just wow, so much happened.

We started off with Grace bleeding from her alien invasion & coming back after meeting the Angel of Death, who turns out to be the maid in the 1st season, great role for her. Meat slicer

 guy was sick & somewhat misplaced in the story, but introducing the name of the angel, who runs into Sister Mary. The angel meets the devil, wow, that scene was so major! As dark as that angel appears, she’s still an angel. “What are you that you can look upon me?” she asked the devilish Sister Mary. “One like me, but fallen.” She spooked her! Sister Mary gags in between states, trapped in her own body, and all this was happening under the duality of last night’s Full Moon in Gemini, such an appropriate mood for this episode’s writing.

Lana escapes only to gag all over again & back in the loony bin, ugh, how torturous was that? So over it! And I know we were all sitting there saying the same thing, why didn’t you kill him you dumbass!? I told Andre it wasn’t her time, watch, she’ll get out, and she’s the only sane one with any hope… then bam! I’m still hoping for her ass.

We finally got the juicy details of Sister Jude’s story. That sit down with the angel was much needed for her as she seems to be trying to be good lately & needing direction. Then, the flopped apology, what a kicker, to think all that time she was gasping & lamenting, avoiding & living in such guilt, what a wasted emotion. The angel did tell her she would have peace soon. She can only get it being out of that Asylum. Then the café waitresses see her talking to herself & one says, “Maybe we should call Briarcliff, they might have a room for her.” That was hilarious!

Kit kills the cop (I thought he would get him to the asylum, not) & comes back to get Grace & they get attacked by that damn creature thing, and we still don’t know what/where the hell they came from & in the process Grace gets shot & Kit’s back in! Really? So frustrating! That dark angel was working overtime last night.

The only ounce of hope I have left is for Lana, come on girl, we’re rooting for you. Now we just need to know what’s going on with the alien & what are those monsters? But, I’m thinking… what’s gonna happen, will she finally get out to report her story & shut the place down & the show ends on a happy note? Yeah right! That’s why they call it a Horror Story. I haven’t been this excited about a show in a while, what’s gonna happen!? I can’t wait to see.


  1. Gerard · November 29, 2012

    I hate that bad things keep happening to Lana. Hers is the most freaky storyline in the show – imagine being totally sane, but locked in an asylum at the hands of a sadistic nun and having no power to get free? Scares the hell out of me!

    • CJs In Sight · November 29, 2012

      Indeed, but I’m hoping for the best, something good must come from her story line. The strength of spirit.

      • Gerard · November 30, 2012

        I hope so! Don’t you think they’ve been particularly hard on the women in the show this year? Men, by and large, are portrayed as the aggressors and women are taking the brunt of the attrocities carried out at Briarcliff.

      • CJs In Sight · December 11, 2012

        I agree, then again, as in the past, it was a more male dominated world, so I assume that’s there may be a point keeping with the times.

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