I LOVE SIA! I love her videos just as much as there’s always something you don’t expect. Not even 1 minute in & you can feel so much. Not to mention The Amazing Maddie is the dancer & makes the interpretation that much more powerful & compelling. Sia was addicted to pain killers & alcohol. The video, lyrics & dance combine perfectly to show control, yet no control, neglect, invisibility, shame, abandonment, entrapment & loneliness… all which she experienced. And in the end, even in her crazed state, she takes a bow… even though she doesn’t care for fame. In fact, there’s a clause in her contract with RCA that says she doesn’t have to promote her music, tour or deal with the press. She’s not pressed, her music speaks for itself.


My thoughts on THE FOLLOWING… I actually watched most of the first season, as much as I didn’t want to get into another show, lots of my friends were watching, it was interestingly twisted & kept you guessing. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel this underlying sense of darkness, distress & modern day insanity, and how you can’t trust anyone. I would tell Andre I don’t know why this show is on but something about it is not right. It left you here & there & not a good mental mind fuck sorta way like some other shows where the acting is clear acting. This show was kinda too real & one could see this happening today in our fucked up society.

The new season just started & we saw the first 5-10 mins last night & Andre said he didn’t want to watch it anymore & I literally & physically got upset. I didn’t like the emotion it was tapping into. We couldn’t continue, from watching how they start off with killing his wife & then the subway murder. It’s sick, brutal & warped in an abnormal & mentally disturbing kinda way vs. entertainment. I’ve just been noticing the formula lately for lots of shows & movies & it’s bothering me. You might say it’s just TV but to me it’s clear modern day Torture Porn desensitizing millions. So with that said, I will NOT be following THE FOLLOWING!

LADY GAGA – ARTPOP (Track by Track Review)

AURA – Sitting in the middle of a dessert with my banjo watching Kill Bill (slash that), starring in Machete Kills! Cool guitar intro into Terminator effects & edgy electronics. Do you want to me see me naked? It’s club ready, spacey, taking off to another planet. It’s perfect for the Robert Rodriguez film & I look forward to seeing the movie, as well as her acting debut.

VENUS – We’re dropped off in Venus on Rocket #9 & I feel like I’m in an Austin Powers movie. I want to be taken to the leader; I hope it’s the Fembots! I love the changes in the track & the chorus. Gets a little cheesy when she’s saying all the planets, otherwise, it’s a little out there & I like it. And I do feel very Aphrodite in a seashell bikini while hearing it, or rather, a fierce spacesuit.

G.U.Y. – We’re now watching a live performance via Skype from the planet Eros, God of sexual desire… and the track is just that. Out comes the alien seductress who wants to be his GUY (Girl Under You), b/c she’s from another dimension, role playing & she wants to unearth you! It’s like an old freestyle track, with hyped electrodes & a sensual baseline.

SEXX DREAMS – Now we’re in a underground 80s house party, it’s hot & people are having naughty sex! It’s thumpy, humpy, RnB, dirty, doing nasty things & masturbating … then you’re making love to Optimus Prime… and then you wake up & realize it was all just a dream… or was it?

JEWELS N DRUGS (Feat T.I., Too Short & Twista) –ErrrrrrrrrrT! Featuring… “I’m not featuring it!” What’s this track doing here? Not Gaga at all. She obviously did this one to reach new audiences & compliment the RnB & hip hop aspect but it’s not really working… fast forward!

MANiCURE – It’s Grease & a little bit rock n roll. Is it a salon manicure, or having a man cure you? Oh it’s both? Ok, either way I’m boppin’ away & I’m addicted to love, feeling like a teen-aged cheerleader while rolling on my bed singing into my brush & kicking my feet up in the air, then trying on clothes back & forth in the mirror cause I’m feeling like a mannequin. I thought that was the name of the song & I think it would’ve better & made more sense with the cover of the album & tracks in general.

DO WHAT YOU WANT – I love the slow, deep baseline, simple, not over sung or overproduced & R. Kelly adds some flavor to it. I really can’t take him sometimes but who cares, I’m turned up in the club with a drink in my hand & taking shots in the back. This just hit the radio here in FL(we’re a little behind) & I’m sure it’ll be nice for the winter, time to make some babies. But, what was that performance on SNL?

ARTPOP – It’s grown on me & I’m really digging this Tetris track. It’s very much what she’s about & whatever theme or effect she’s giving really could mean anything if you pay more attention. Perhaps she’s becoming too artsy fartsy for some & losing a few along the way. She did a short film for this she just released yesterday & funny people ask, “What does it mean?” Well, she just told you, just like art, her art pop could mean anything.

SWINE – This one is a bit loud & obnoxious, like the message. I like the words but not the music. She supposedly they say she wrote this for Perez Hilton. On Howard Stern interview she says how Perez was trying to get a place to live next to her & just harassing her & being mean, and lots of people think he’s a pig.

DONATELLA – It’s an upper class, rich bitch runway track… nose in the air feeling fru fru, very Miami & LA. A bit shady, yet complimentary to Ms. Versace. It’s perfect for the next show, which brings us into…

FASHION! – A throwback to David Bowie, now turn to the left, now to the right. I love this track, more in the beginning than in the end. “I own the world, we own the world!” And let’s face it, when it comes to fashion, she really is on top!

MARY JANE HOLLAND –Amsterdam truly does have the most magical herbs, I know! The track is chill, smooth, relaxed & lit up! While everyone else talks about “smoking the best shit”, she’s taking a different approach& actually picturing herself as Mary Jane Holland, a star. It’s as if you were coming into a room with a bunch of the best weed for all your friends &was like, “Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you… MARY JANE HOLLAND!” And the crowd goes wild… cause you know now-a-days, weed is the celebrity everyone loves!

DOPE – Sounds like I’m sitting at the piano drunk as hell& I wouldn’t doubt it if she was when recorded this one, it’s pretty raw, melancholy, honest & out there. They say the references to drugs on this album prevented some moms from buying it. She pushes the vocals! She’s talking about how she needs her family, boyfriend & fans more than dope. She mentioned it on Howard Stern & I think it’s had some effects on her along the way. It explains the hurting low (inside) from being high for so long (fame& drugs). She lost lots of audience members on the YouTube Awards when she performed this live cause she got all emotional, but she sang the shit out of it, as sloppy, sad & drunk as she appeared, but in an artful &detached way. Then, she performed it again in Brooklyn at the iHeartMusic release after a few words on how she’s still dealing with things & wow, she can really fucking sing & had much more control… it was pretty dope! You can check it out here.

GYPSY – She’s on a new path, out on the road, fresh, alive& looking on to the future from a new perspective. She no longer wants to be alone with the night. It also reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” when the girls wanted to compete in the dance competition… a little flash dance & also reminds me of the studio dance scene in Marry The Night, which I keep hearing.

APPLAUSE – Now she’s back on stage & loving the applause, poking at both sides of it. She explained this one enough, it’s not about the ego of it all (but one can interpret it that way), more about how she does what she does to make people happy & that’s the end result. The video really enhanced the track & I appreciated it more after watching it. You can see the transition from leaving behind the Fame Monster & into a higher artistic form, lighter & more colorful.

Overall, she gives you a bit of everything, one track follows the other & plays along the themes of otherworldly, EDM, rock & RnB, sex, drugs & fashion, so it’s not that out there, just sounds different to lots of people b/c she’s trying to mix up so much. She admitted it was a little heavy but that was time she was going through, so you can feel the highs & lows on this album, as well as in some tracks. It’s my least favorite album from Gaga but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. It’s fun, upbeat, laid back & enjoyable if you give it a chance. I’ll give it a 6.5/7 out of 10 stars!

One Love,
Carlos (CJ) Mendez

Look At Me Now – Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction

Every morning I have to drive by a huge billboard with a picture of a big ass advertising Brazilian Butt Lift & Liposuction for $5,000. It says, “Look at me now!” I took a pic about 2 months ago & was waiting for the right time to share it. First I thought how I don’t even see much of a difference & angles work wonders. I really didn’t have a basis to talk about it further, and as a guy, most guys would think it’s a hot pic. But I was thinking something deeper & I couldn’t quite find the words for this billboard.

Brazilian Butt Lift & Lipo
Today, a friend posted something touching on the subject & I couldn’t have said it better. She said it perfectly, and coming from a women, it felt more authentic & relatable. She said, “I had a conversation this morning with a friend and it made me realize how skewed body image is for so many women. Especially in this city (Miami). Please realize that beauty comes in all shapes and colors. We are not meant to be Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian or a Victoria Secret model or Beyonce or some plastic filled barbie doll with a size 3 waist double D breast and a fake Nicki Minaj ass. We are human and that’s part of our beauty. Embrace what is unique of ourselves. We are all different. LOVE yourself beyond any image that’s fed to you on TV or a magazine cover. I’m all for being healthy and working out and eating right….Obesity is no laughing matter…but having an average sized body is OK. If no one tells you today….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE.” – Maria M from Miami.

She also shared this pic with her thoughts.

Victoria Secret vs Dove Beauty

That reminded me of a great Dove commercial I saw not long ago on YouTube regarding beauty, it was very insightful to see how some women see themselves. She thanked me for sharing, as I thanked her for being true to herself.

This all leads to more questions about the mental health of our society. Why do we need to be exposed to this nonsense? I’m not even a girl & I’m offended. And speaking of Brazil, over 5 yrs ago they did away with all kinds of advertisements (they got fed up with “visual pollution”) & since then, the land & mental health of people has improved. That says a lot!

“Imagine a city of 11 million inhabitants stripped of all its advertising. It’s nearly impossible when the clutter and color of our current urban landscapes seem inextricably entwined with the golden arches of McDonald’s or the deep reds of Coca-Cola. ”

Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil’s Largest City Is More Vibrant Than Ever


Last night, I had a dream I met Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine. She was so friendly, and tall. Then again, I’m a shorty. On the bus ride back from the place I met her, I was telling my friends about it and I turned around and she was sitting on the bus. I said, “Oh, I was just telling my friends about you” and she just smiled.

2 nights ago, I dreamt I saw Kathy Griffin on the dance floor of a wedding I was attending. In all my dreams these people are always my good friends and I approach them like I’ve known them for years. We were taking pictures together and just hanging out. I realize there are lots of celebs that we’ll never meet in real life, and honestly, I’m not star struck so if I did see her in real life (or anyone for that matter), I’d just walk right by and or treat them like anyone else.

I remember actually seeing Britney Spears @ a club in NYC years ago. She was just starting out and dancing with her friends. I walked by with all my friends and she just looked, we made eye contact but it wasn’t like I wanted to get her autograph. A few years ago, I dreamt I was taking pictures of her while she was coming off her tour bus and she pulled me to the side and began to make out with me, and her breath stank of cigarettes. Lol

About a year or 2 ago, I dreamt I was hanging out with Whitney Houston once on a cruise ship and we were singing “You’re My Baby Tonight” together. I said, “Whitney, watch… I can do that part where you sing all fast… “Now it’s like I’m fatal, It’s all on the table…And baby you hold the cards…”  and she loved it. Bobby was there too, but he didn’t sing along, thank goodness.

Less than a year ago, I dreamt that I saw Beyonce walking down Washington Avenue in South Beach, Miami. It was raining, and she was carrying bags. I said, “B, what you doing walking in the rain, get in this car girl.” So she got in and we hit the club where we danced all night long.

I love dreaming, I’m literally in another world, always meeting new people, and taking pictures of landscapes & sceneries I’ve never seen in person. That wasn’t always the case, I used to dream I was trapped in a house or building of some sort and it was like a maze trying to get out. Or, I’d be an an investigator trying to figure out a crime, or some beating some evil entity. Those dreams would continue over several night in chapters and I’d always make it out the house while helping others out who were always trapped, or I’d solve the crime. They were always dark dreams, but I’m happy that has changed.

Last night, I also dreamt I saw 3 rainbows, which I’ve never seen in person, it was so beautiful. I swear I took a pic… and like always, I get up and it’s all gone.

Alas, I continue to dream on!