Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 1

It’s been some time since I’ve logged in an entry. Let’s get to it!

So was that a great premiere of Game of Thrones #GOT or what!? That marching in opening scene revealing Jon and Daenerys with Arya watching was everything! The northerners were over it and gagged at the dragons, as did Sansa.

Jon and Bran reunited, but Jon notices he is not the same. Bran is much more serious and not as warm and welcoming and one can imagine why. That boy has been through some shit!

THAT LOOK that Sansa gave Daenerys was as fiery as her red hair! Daggers from head to toe, very much…“I don’t see you”… but you’re welcome here.

Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) is no joke, I love that girl, and she reads Jon in the meeting, “We made you king of the North and you left, what are you now?” Tyrion steps in to clear the air, but also fogs it with talks of the Lannister’s coming to help. They are not happy campers!

Sansa as the Lady of Winterfell meets again with Tyrion, who is now hand of the Queen. That was interesting as they haven’t reunited since the wedding and killing of Joffrey. She mentions how she thought he was cleverest man alive, but in other words, he’s an idiot to believe Cersei. Hello!!! Everyone knows not to trust that bitch!

Arya confronts Jon on how he survived a knife through the heart. They smile and hug and I literally shed a tear, it was just soooo nice for them to see each other again and you felt the love. They compare swords, and she reminds him that Sansa is smart, and is fighting for the family, of which he is a part… but not to forget that blood is thicker than water.

Cersei smiles and says “good” when she is told that the Night King has broken through the wall as the Greyjoy ships come in. She really is a cold-hearted see you next Tuesday! She plays that damn role down!!! Then, she’s gonna try to act all coy and supreme against Euron only to give it up to him with a glance. smh He said he’s going to put a prince in her belly and she cringed. Lol He just don’t know she already has one! The irony.

Cersei’s already up to no good, sending her hand Qyburn to try to buy Bronn to assist with killing the northerners with gold waiting for him outside. Will he buy in and betray Daenerys? I don’t think he will, but people are greedy so you never know.

Theon saved his sister Asha (redeeming himself a bit), and she head butts him before lifting him back up… again. He totally deserved that if not more, but they have true respect and recognition of each other and what they’ve gone through. He wants to go to Winterfell and its true what Asha says, Daenerys will need some place to go where the white walkers can’t! But if them mofos start swimming. lol

Tyrion, Varys and Jorah are already plotting the next move of the 7 Kingdoms coming together should they beat the Night King, already hinting at who will sit atop the iron throne. Tyrion mentions to them that Daenerys respects the older wise men, but Varys and his wise ass reminds him that that respect is how the young keep them at hand so that they don’t have to be reminded of the inconvenient truth… that nothing lasts.

Daenerys is already having issues with Sansa not respecting her and tells Jon if she doesn’t get with it… (cut scene). Mmmhmmm, hint hint Jon Snow! She will burn yo sistah!!!

The dragons don’t like the North and Jon awkwardly rides a dragon for the first time. Only Targareyen’s can ride dragons so that says something. I was also wondering what the hell is one to hold on to? It seems the dragons keep a close eye on Jon.

The Hound tells Arya she left him to die and she reminds him that she robbed him first. Lol I just love her! He calls her a cold, little bitch, and that’s why she’s still alive. She’s gone though many faces.

That was an interesting question Sansa posed to Jon… did he bend the knee to save the North or because he loves Daenerys? Again… cut scene for no response. Hmmm.

Daenerys wants to gift Sam but he’s so over her for killing his father (not so much), but his brother. You KNOW he wanted to spill the tea and tell Jon the truth about who his is, his real parents, that Daenerys should NOT be queen and that HE is the true heir to the iron throne. He gagged!!

The wildlings are back with Beric and his flaming sword and I think that ginger Tormund is kinda hot, is it just me? I don’t know, maybe it’s the beard and red head with blue eyes! Lol Ned Umber was nailed to the wall with a sign and symbol of the Night King up in flames, which was just an unsettling mess.

And that ending, when Jaime arrives, takes off his hood and the first person he sees is Bran! END SCENE!

YES!!! I love how they jumped right in, got to business, all the reunions that took place, the subtle shades and reads and ending. What a great start, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

-Carlos J. Mendez

Sinéad O’Connor

So last night I was randomly watching the Oprah Network’s “Where Are They Now” & there was a piece with Sinéad O’Connor, who we all know & love & who many despise. She was talking about how when she was being signed the executives were very touchy & forward & tried it with her. They told her she would look better if she grew out her hair & wore shorter skirts. That’s when she went to the barber & shaved off her hair. Everything she did was in opposition to who/what they wanted to make her. She said she purposely tried to become as unattractive as she could be as a way to protect herself. I can see why she wrote that open letter to Miley about having more control, which also made her out to look bitter. Fast forward to when she ripped up the pic of the Pope. That was in response to the Catholic Church & the sex scandals & child abuse, which she experienced, but since the news wasn’t out in the U.S. yet, she just looked even crazier when lots of other people understood what she was doing. Mind you she’s a priest & very devout. They were all well aware of it in Ireland but it didn’t hit our news till later, which also shows how they censor things here in the United States, they hide shit & pick & choose what to show or distract you with & can make you believe anything they want with a News Report. And everyone is always plastered to their TV believing in the magic box! She was told that she was mentally ill & (mis)diagnosed by doctors as bipolar (which wasn’t true) & they put her on meds & purposely made her out to look insane. She also used the phrase paparazzi lynching, where they seek out these celebs & take pictures of them “breaking down” & turning it tragic & they use this & other tactics when the people rebel to discredit them & keep them down. Artists are first & foremost there to express themselves. When that form of expression is robbed & controlled, it’s easy to see why someone would lose it & act out. It’s a great reminder of how/what you perceive from watching the media & TV vs. what’s really going on. Of course she encountered controversy; she was speaking out on what she wasn’t supposed to. She wasn’t being a good girl & following directions, keeping her mouth shut & looking pretty. Instead, she was more concerned with expressing her views on organized religion, women’s rights, war & child abuse. She had a few kids which helped distract her, but she suffered a lot & now it all makes sense to me, why she was the way she was & dressed the way she did/does. So kudos to Sinéad for being true to herself & never compromising or conforming. THAT takes strength!


My thoughts on THE FOLLOWING… I actually watched most of the first season, as much as I didn’t want to get into another show, lots of my friends were watching, it was interestingly twisted & kept you guessing. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel this underlying sense of darkness, distress & modern day insanity, and how you can’t trust anyone. I would tell Andre I don’t know why this show is on but something about it is not right. It left you here & there & not a good mental mind fuck sorta way like some other shows where the acting is clear acting. This show was kinda too real & one could see this happening today in our fucked up society.

The new season just started & we saw the first 5-10 mins last night & Andre said he didn’t want to watch it anymore & I literally & physically got upset. I didn’t like the emotion it was tapping into. We couldn’t continue, from watching how they start off with killing his wife & then the subway murder. It’s sick, brutal & warped in an abnormal & mentally disturbing kinda way vs. entertainment. I’ve just been noticing the formula lately for lots of shows & movies & it’s bothering me. You might say it’s just TV but to me it’s clear modern day Torture Porn desensitizing millions. So with that said, I will NOT be following THE FOLLOWING!

American Horror Story – The White Witch

THANK YOU AHS, for another wicked episode! This one should’ve been called Turnt, Turnt & Twirled… ala Misty Days. We have alliances forming, the devil/gatekeeper going bump in the night & Marie’s moppin’ babies! Fiona smacks the shit out of Cordelia, Misty does a death drop when she sees Stevie who gives an entire performance of “Rhiannon” (which casted a spell on all the witches) & we were twiiiirrrrrrrlllllled into the Crowning (Shawing) of the new White Witch Supreme. I love that she’s a white witch & I also love that Stevie is playing herself. The other girls can’t take it & are all competing. Broomstick to ATL anyone? Rat traps & mojito mixers, mayhem, sperm incense, voodoo dolls & Papa Legba, oh my! Misty gets knocked at the grave yard… she kinda was a stupid b!tch to let that happen & Madison is a total c u next Tuesday! WORK IT OUT NAN, SHE LOVES HER SOME LUKE… YOU GET REVENGE FOR YO MAN GIRL! Lol And those celestial tones, haha I love me some Myrtle & how she sounds like her throat got burned in the fire. She’s always serving sophisticated shade. Don’t be a h8ter dear… now back up, carry on, bottle some salad dressing & STFU! Lmao I mean what are your options when your Mother is Hillary Clinton? Cordelia lost it & Myrtle went back to her beats. I died! It was like a comic sketch. Fiona’s got the good stuff for Papa but gets no eternal deal since she’s a soulless witch, b!tch just can’t get a break! Lol Nan is feeling her oats & deemed dangerous so they drown her & give her to Papa. I wonder if she’ll be back or if she just went out with a big bang cause her character was totally on fire. We end with another performance from Stevie of “Has Anybody Ever Written Anything For You”, with Fiona reflecting with her messy self again. Coming up it appears that all the ho’s in this house are losing it & going after each other. They best get it together before the boys from ATL come back. And that’s a wrap! Or, a shawl.

American Horror Story – Coven – Heads (Recap)

AHS was all that & a bag of monkshood melons last night! We got a bit of history into Hank as a witch hunter. Fiona wants to talk terms & warns Marie at her salon that he’s coming but she laughs in her face & sends her away, while LaLaurie with her head literally in a box is still putting in her 2 cents. We get a look into The Initiative & learn there are more where Hank came from & his dad is the CEO. Myrtle serves up some of the fiercest human statue melon balls with power, compassion & uniqueness. Cecily’s fashion faux pas give her nightmares (haha) & she scoops out a pair of eyes for Cordelia, who can now see but no longer has the gift of deeper insight. Miss Myrtle is alive & well, she learned a few secrets in the flames, but Fiona still threatens to exile her to Paramus NJ, toxic waste & strip malls! LMAO. Fifi’s shady smile & should shrug is everything! Back at the hospital Madison is grossed out by sick ppl & Nan makes a connection with Luke & reads Joan directly from his mind. She’s worse than all the witches, a different kind of evil that hides behind religion. To think she was almost dead & now she finished off her son. You know she’s gonna pay! Poor Luke, he’s been through all that shit & back (no pun intended) Will he be resurrected too? Cause you know nobody dies on this show. And WTF happened to that dog that made Kyle normal? Queenie brings in fast food & Lala looking all hungry but she reminds her, “Bitch, you ain’t got no stomach!” LOL She proceeds to force her to watch old classic movies.. Mandingo, Color Purple (my favorite), Baps (LOL) & Roots, but she closed her eyes so she plays her some civil rights news & music. By the time she came around & changed with a tear, it was too late. Marie did some voodoo on Hank, who came back to wipe out the entire salon while “Freedom Over Me” played in the background. Queenie saves Marie & she’s history, what a precious moment. Marie showed her first vulnerable moment with taht shotgun in her face. She’s left with nothing so she appears on Fiona’s doorstep where they can now join forces. It’s funny how everyone comes together in times of need. Everyone seems to have the 2 sided nature of “good & evil” in this show, it’s pretty amazing the duality that lives in each character & how they can portray both sides of extreme witch bitch & basic empathy towards humanity. This episode was one of the most emotional as well, the music, the message, the scenery, the connections, the death & coming around of characters… I got a little teary eyed, a first for AHS. It was another legendary episode to go down in the books. “The Magical Death of Stevie Nicks” (& her premiere) is up next on JAN 8, ugh… talk about a long wait! – CJ

American Horror Story – “Burn Witch, Burn”

Previously on American Horror Story… It’s 1833 & Lala’s serving Eyeball Stew & Surprise Intestines in her Chamber of Horrid Horrors, keeping her daughters in cages with shitty promises for Christmas. Cordelia loses her sight & gains another & Fifi goes on a twisted mission for drugs in the hospital. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the zombies are running amok. Fifi comes across a girl at the Asylum that lost her baby, telling her to talk to it, to tell her how beautiful she is & that she loves her more than the whole world. Poor girl was looking at her like she was one crazy witch! Then, she brings the baby back to the life. It was a moment of wanting to give back, seeing how much of a bad mother she’s been, training the girl in thought to be more loving. That scene deep & twisted to a baby T! Nan & neighbor are now stuck in the car… Nan girl you know you can’t do nothing, trying to save that boy, maybe she’ll get some, you know Nan. Lol I loved how Spalding gagged when they said, “Take them to your room”, waving back & forth ‘oh hell no no no’. Lala goes for ice & sees Borquita (Borquita, is that you?) feeling all bad crying… there’s just no way you can have pity on her black heart, as much as she’s trying to repent. Then it’s Borquita vs. Precious – Round 1 until Lala jumps in! Oh wait… is that Zoe ala Army of Darkness? OMG, she finally woke up & decided to join the party, increasing her powers. Be in your nature girl, I love a witch that knows how to fight! Marie falls on her ass at the salon & realizes “there’s some real power up in that house”. Fifi turns the crafty tables on Myrtle, who tried to warn them all but they agreed to “Burn The Witch” & then Queenie felt bad for frying that chicken on a stick, blinded as the next Supreme. And looks like Misty could use a meal, wandering around aimlessly in the woods, ain’t she hungry? Spalding is a mess… spraying all that Lysol, that stuff will kill you. Myrtle’s revived & I have a feeling she’s gonna return with a vengeance, giving you Darth Vader down! Oh what a world, what a world… tonight comes the witch hunter & it sure ain’t Dorothy! Is it 10pm yet?

American Horror Story – Body Parts

Late AHS Update – Misty is back with her Stevie Nicks witchypoo self, the free spirited enchantress who looks like she just walks everywhere with her hands floating in the air listening to imaginary music! Lol We got a throwback to Queenie’s past at Chubbie’s Fried Chicken… she grew up on Charmed & Sabrina the Teenage Cracker (trending on Twitter – never watched that one). Ryan Murphy is really pushing it with the fat girl image; I think he’s more stuck on Precious than we are. Fiona reminds us that she’s in charge everywhere & she turnt that scene with those fried chicken legs. We learn of LaLaurie’s past & her hung family & while at the salon Marie schools Fiona on the practice & its true origins & how the white girls mopped it but Fiona reminds her that they also perfected it… and then sets her wigs on fire! Noooo, not the weaves! Lol Nan sets LaLaurie free & she ends up knocking out Queenie thinking she was a slave. Lol They really made her ignorant & her reactions alone to things are already classic. We have to remember that she’s not a witch, she’s just a crazy, evil bitch gagging with everything going on. Cordelia had a sexy snake sex scene & while rescuing Kyle, our modern day Frankenstein (not sure how cute he’ll be with all his “Boy Parts”), Misty just pops up in the car. They heal him in a cabin with Spanish moss & alligator dung & Misty reminds us that Mother Nature has a healing answer for everything. Believe that! The Minotaur is back & we have another ending with FiLa, they’re turning out to be quite the pair. Did LaLa have an emotional moment? As if! Of course still shady as hell… “I loved my girls in my own way, even the ugly one; she had the face of a damn hippo, but I loved her just the same.” Really Lala? Lol I love that there is just as much modern day horror & history as there is comedy. Tonight is Episode 3, “The Replacements” & I hope to see some zombies, unless they save it for next week, in time for Halloween. Either way I’ll be happy!


And we also learned that Jessica Lange said she would be retiring after another season (4)so we still have time to enjoy her & I’m sure she’s gonna go out with a bang!

Jessica Lange Leaving American Horror Story